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Hey Helpers! Today we are going to have a very funny and an unusual post. I asked a couple people from our lovely Help Force troops and allies to write something to some of their friends in the Community.

How does this work?

Some people got asked to anonymously write something towards some of their friends in the Help Force server, it could be towards one person, a duo, or a group of people, some people might have more than one Message which means multiple people wrote for them! Enjoy the fun.

To the Commanders

Dear Commanders, Hope your making good amounts of food and payment to feed the staff these days. Always remember you guys are amazing commanders and no one can ever beat you, unless its RPS tournament. Do remember to ping in HF 24/7 whenever you need it to wake up the visitors. Also take care of your Dynasty, they seem to forget where the bathrooms are these days. PS: If anyone is wondering where Des’s coconut factory is, get the key under his coconut mat at his office, then swim to the Antarctica to find the secret doorway

To Desireus

Dear Desireus,
You are a great friend to me and the Help force it is like we are family to you since you are loving, caring and you are so kind. Also you are funny and are not strict (well you are but that is when people steal your coconuts) but you are just amazing. Secondly, you care about us and we care about you and i always see you happy even if your like hiding it because you are doing a great job at it. Lastly, you are like the most funniest person i met well i mean there are funny people but you just take jokes so thanks for that and before i end this i just wanted to say just be you and don’t let anything get you down and i will take your coconuts so be carefull.

To Rooboo

1st Message: “I know that you will carry the army to greater heights, we will win March Madness together and bring glory in the name of the Motherland!”

2nd Message: Rooboo, I am genuinely so proud of how far you’ve come since you joined Help Force all those years ago. From the quiet troop that got us all excited when you typed, to the leader itself. You really are one of the most pure-hearted and kindest people that I have ever met, and your dedication is admirable. You should be proud of yourself, because I definitely am of you <3

3rd Message: Dear Rooboo,

The war against you will never stop. Have fun :LucyLove:

To Mayathefirst

1st Message: Make sure that you eat something other than curry and rice and actually sleep instead of lurking all night. Pls give more cookies and lollipops too. Don’t forget to demote Javi if you haven’t already today.

2nd Message: you are susi stop being sus and unretire

To Snowy and Elp

I am an innocent man and I will be suing HF

To Choco

1st Message: Hey, I just wanted to remind you how incredibly strong and brave you are. I know that days can be tough for you and sometimes you feel too tired to do anything, but you got this. Remember to take things one step at a time, breathe deeply, and know that you’re not alone. You have so much love and support around you. You’re capable of overcoming anything that comes your way, and I believe in you. You’re not broken. You are becoming a better version of yourself. You are on the right path. Take care and keep shining your bright light. Remember that even when you feel like you can’t do it anymore, you can do a bit more.

2nd Message: “Stop being so tasty”

To Danplays

1st Message: “First of all I would like to say well done on surviving this long in HF, you doing a good job. Word of improvement though, stay away from meatball subs, if you ever touch another meatball sub I will hunt you down and force feed you chicken salad sandwiches.”

2nd Message: Dear Danplays#4328
Today I’m here to explain how strange you are. (Don’t take this offensive please) Anyways…. this person loves to come out of his house and doesn’t touch grass, Another reason why this person is strange is because when we talks in the HF chat, he doesn’t think about the fellow staff team apart from his favourites.
Let me tell you a story of DanPlays! Once upon a time Dan joined Hf a human being, and then further on in time the wicked witch from the north came along and casted a nasty spell on him. I will rephrase what the witch said “THE POWER OF LICE YOU MAY ATTACK DAN IN HIS TIME AT HF” , anyways once Dan slept on his bed he dreamed about one of the staff team called Javi riding on a unicorn That is the story of dan
I’m only joking, Dan is a great person (Sometimes). Dan keeps our community fun. He tries his best to care for people and if that doesn’t work he just does something else for the time being.

To xChrissyx

Chrissy your spirit in Help Force to make friends with everyone, even new people and to always try to give good advice to your “younglings” here about stuff and the enthusiasm you bring to the chat every time you come there are all very remarkable. Your personality is very friendly and nice and its always very fun spending time with you in Help Force. Your sense of humour is good and you are an awesome person! Always remember that and I hope you are able to tackle all your problems, I know you can with some effort, trust me. Anyways, stay awesome and see you around!👋

To Beasto

beasto is super cool, although i don’t know much about them. However I’ve seen them everywhere, ergo I must ask, “Hey besto, wanna talk more and get to know each other more?”

I need to go deal with this person who just called me “Besto”, they will pay for what they have done in this fine day!

That’s it for today lovely Helpers! like and comment below and if you want to participate in the next post, DM me the word “Anonymous”! till next time


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