Scandal In The Coconut Plantation

A scandal emerges from Desireus’s coconut plantation. After only 2 days since the last “incident”, new accusations arise as Des scrambles to defend himself. This is a dark day for coconut lovers.

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Meet The Helpers

The helpers of our glorious, gracious motherland come in different shapes and sizes. The Help Force world is just as diverse, with the helpers residing in many different environments. Let’s meet the helpers!

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The Journey of March Madness


This post was made as an appreciation to every hard worker behind the scenes, every attendee, and every person that dedicated and contributed to the results we achieved! The preparation the whole team contributed with will always be stamped within! From recruiting to amazing themes, the preparation was unfolded into a journey to remember…


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Why Should We Coup Our Commanders

Desireus and Rooboo are the commanders of our glorious and gracious motherland. While they may seem like good leaders at first glance, their crimes against the troops and the staff outweigh their positives. Here is why we must coup them.

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By Anonymous: The Helpers Guess

Hello and welcome everyone! Today we are having a new twist for the By Anonymous post, some helpers have sent new anonymous messages to some of their friends in the Community, and their friends got the chance to guess who wrote it for them!

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A Tragic Ending

Several allegations have been made against certain Ice Warriors leaders that resemble weak influence in the whole community. Whether or not the allegations are being investigated and what’s true or not, the Help Force Commanders have decided to end the allyship with IW for the safety of the army.

We are deeply disappointed in the ending of this relation as both armies have had their moments together throughout the years. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes, and with mistakes come consequences to be faced. We can only hope that the parties involved will take to mind these consequences. We are once again saddened to make this decision, as there is no alternative pathway. The Help Force stands against disreputable actions, which have been revealed.

The HF Nations Post has been updated by removing Ice Warriors from the Allies Section.

The Help Force Commanders

By Anonymous: The Helpers Confess

Hey Helpers! Today we are going to have a very funny and an unusual post. I asked a couple people from our lovely Help Force troops and allies to write something to some of their friends in the Community.

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Help Force Daily: Desireus Threatens the Simps

Hello Helpers, today we are going to talk about a very controversial threat that was announced against the Simps by Desireus earlier this month, and how the Helpers stood in his way and made sure that this Threat will not be the end of the Simps.

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Name-Switching Shenanigans

It has been more than a month since the Second in Commands Mayathefirst and Desireus switched their names. Following the unprecedented chaos caused by their decision and the recent disasters that were direct outcomes of this irresponsible behaviour, the Helpforce Enforcers of Law (HEL) has decided to bring their misdeeds to light.

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Mission Machete – I

A gloomy atmosphere had set in, as firmly lodged in as a dog digging down a rabbit hole. The rainstorm caused by the invading Water Vikings stopped three days ago, but the skies hadn’t cleared up yet. It was evening now, and Scorp’s office was starting to get darker. He finally laid down the pen that hadn’t rested since seven hours now. Unlike the rest of the staff, he preferred writing out battle plans and reports on paper. The clock began beeping at the exact moment he kept the pen down. It was 4:30 pm. Thirty minutes before Elp’s daily pings. This was the time to go enjoy a cup of coffee. Once Elp arrived, Joe and Jayden would start overloading the canteen, ordering cold coffees and fresh virgin pina coladas for the Great Lice. He filed the papers, picked up his keys and exited the office. As he locked the doors, the various sounds that filled the headquarters began making themselves more prominent. An engine was revving in Desireus’ office. It was always a wonder how he managed to get engines and vehicles into his office. Maya’s office, located two doors away, seemed to be the source of some very sus noises. “Yikes – it’s better to not investigate that”, he thought to himself. Somewhere, a cat screamed and knocked something over. “Is Ayan kicking Snowy’s cats again?” After a pause, he laughed and said out loud, “Obviously”.

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