Scandal In The Coconut Plantation

A scandal emerges from Desireus’s coconut plantation. After only 2 days since the last “incident”, new accusations arise as Des scrambles to defend himself. This is a dark day for coconut lovers.

Poisoning The Coconuts

Desireus has been intentionally poisoning his coconuts in order to increase sales of his “coconut poison antidote”. While these coconuts look normal at first, if you look closely, they are actually stamps.

These stamps have been coated with poison to prevent people from eating them. I know right. What weirdo would try and eat a stamp? Hey stop looking at me, I’m innocent.

This stamp poison has injured at least 1 helper (I told you to stop looking at me). How could Des be so greedy as to poison the helpers (yes helpers, not just me, not that I was poisoned or anything)? We cannot let him get away with selling these deadly coconuts.

Secret Lab

Have you ever wondered why Des has such tasty coconuts? It’s because he experiments with genetically engineering them in his secret lab. Being secret, I am legally not allowed to disclose what’s inside, but I can show the outside.

As you can see, you need to climb up high to get into the lab. How cruel to not only do these inhumane experiments on coconuts but also to make me climb all the way up the ladder to investigate. At least Des put up a safety sign, the only redeeming quality of his cruel, unethical lab. Just wait until the FTCGT&TCGGM find out about this.

Human Coconuts

It is now time that I reveal the results of Des’s genetically engineered coconut experiments. What you are about to see will be shocking.

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is a human growing out of the base of the coconut tree. Des is not just growing humans. He is growing people. People for his coconut army. He is going to coup the commanders, steal our food, and take Hot Chocolate. We cannot let him do this. We must stop Desireus before he can finish his plan. We shall work together and boycott his coconuts. The ensuing economic crisis caused by this boycott will surely put him out of business. This is how we stop Desireus.

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