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Choco and the Chocolate Factory – Part 2

Greetings, Helpers. This is part two of the Choco and the Chocolate Factory. You’ll probably want to read part one before you read part two, or maybe you won’t. I don’t mind either way, I’m not the boss of you. Wait until the last part comes out and read backwards. The world is your oyster.

When He saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more ranks to reach…

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Choco and the Chocolate Factory – Part 1

Greetings, Helpers. This is the first part of a story I recently wrote, based on Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, rewritten so it makes sense to us HF people. The story ended up being too long, so it’s been split up into parts. The rest will be released when it gets released because I have no self-discipline. It’s all been written, though, so sit back, relax, grab a snack (unless you’re a staff member), and enjoy!

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It was yet another glorious gracious day in our glorious gracious motherland. However, the day was not so glorious gracious for a certain Junior Staff. Our protagonist, Amealyah, recently moved into the Junior Staff living quarters. Since she is the protagonist, this story is about her.

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Nervous Wick

It was one of those boring, sleepy days in the Help Force. People were dozing off, helmets were left unpolished, and some staff members were nibbling on some stale popcorn as they longed for more interesting times. Fortunately the day did not stay like this, because what happened next would be quite memorable. For, my comrades, this is the day that the infamous Nervous Wick incident occurred.

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The Raid

“Manti, that’s the last time I’m going to steal food and get caught. We’ll need to be more careful next time,” Nervous said slyly.

“There’s going to be a next time?” Mantiuxx asked, confused. Then he grinned. “I’m in.”

There was a next time. I remember their next time particularly well. Despite being retired, I tend to travel through the shadows of the glorious gracious motherland, keeping an eye on any big events. Nervous’ plan was quite meticulously thought out. Mantiuxx did his job well, he almost managed to surprise me with the level of perfection he did his job with. Of course, food is the only thing that could’ve motivated either of them to bring such amazing performances. Sadly, both of them forgot about one thing – the Lice knows it all.

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Original Stories: The Secret Of The Mines

The mines are a cold and unforgiving place, and many a Help Force member has been sent to those dark caverns. Surprisingly, not a lot of people know what happens in those mines, or what the mines are about. Continue reading to find out the secrets of the Help Force mines.

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Mission Machete – I

A gloomy atmosphere had set in, as firmly lodged in as a dog digging down a rabbit hole. The rainstorm caused by the invading Water Vikings stopped three days ago, but the skies hadn’t cleared up yet. It was evening now, and Scorp’s office was starting to get darker. He finally laid down the pen that hadn’t rested since seven hours now. Unlike the rest of the staff, he preferred writing out battle plans and reports on paper. The clock began beeping at the exact moment he kept the pen down. It was 4:30 pm. Thirty minutes before Elp’s daily pings. This was the time to go enjoy a cup of coffee. Once Elp arrived, Joe and Jayden would start overloading the canteen, ordering cold coffees and fresh virgin pina coladas for the Great Lice. He filed the papers, picked up his keys and exited the office. As he locked the doors, the various sounds that filled the headquarters began making themselves more prominent. An engine was revving in Desireus’ office. It was always a wonder how he managed to get engines and vehicles into his office. Maya’s office, located two doors away, seemed to be the source of some very sus noises. “Yikes – it’s better to not investigate that”, he thought to himself. Somewhere, a cat screamed and knocked something over. “Is Ayan kicking Snowy’s cats again?” After a pause, he laughed and said out loud, “Obviously”.

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Desireus the Coconut Man

Coconuts have been the new source of food for the staff for the past few months, joining the ranks of ketchup cookies and lollipops as the most revered food item in the Help Force. But have you ever wondered how Desireus got the coconuts in the first place, along with how and why he uses them so often? Well, keep reading to find out more about Desireus and his coconuts.

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Original Stories – The Sus Disease

It was a seemingly normal Friday afternoon in the Help Force. Most of the staff were planning what events to host over the weekend, and the ones that were sent to the mines for hoarding food were busy trying to keep warm in the harsh winter, by crowding around a bottle of hot sauce. However, something was a bit.. off with some of the commanders, and the newly indoctrinated staff wanted to get to the bottom of this sudden change.

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Original Stories – The Haunted House

If you happened to look at the hill that loomed over the town from the north, you’d see a house-like shape that sat at the top. It was a dilapidated looking house, and it had secrets, secrets that no one dared to find the answers for, until some HF staff discovered something that would change their life forever.

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