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Samari’s Scandal

It’s no secret that Samari secretly owns the Help Force. Although that contradicts itself, here is how she secretly owns our souls so secretly.

Designed By Wynn

Samari has been accused of being the alt of RU. People are constantly accusing her of it. What they don’t realise is that Samari isn’t RU’s alt. RU is Samari’s alt.

Vedant Exposing RU For Being Samari’s Alt

For years, Samari had infiltrated Help Force using her alt, RU. She worked her way up to second in command, learning all the secrets of HF. That’s how she knew about Tistle when she joined.

Samari Recognising Tistle

Now that you have proof that Samari infiltrated HF years ago, I want to show you something else. Samari has not only been spying on us for years, but she is also in control of our website. Just this week alone she has been interviewed twice for different posts.

As I am typing this post, Samari is standing behind me, making sure I don’t type anything she doesn’t support. One wrong move and it’s Joever for me.

It’s Joever

The reason she is letting me type this post in the first place is to instil fear amongst the Helpers. She wants you to fear her, just like how our staff fear sleep and showers.

Now before she executes me, I would like to say one last thing. Make sure to listen to her every word. She is the true commander of the Help Force. Don’t listen to those fakers who pretend to lead the army. Thank you for listening to my post that I wrote using my own free will.


2 Responses

  1. hail samaris

  2. Could this BE anymore false, Jo🙄

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