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Samari’s Scandal

It’s no secret that Samari secretly owns the Help Force. Although that contradicts itself, here is how she secretly owns our souls so secretly.

Designed By Wynn

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Army of Club Penguin Coups a Tax Fraud

The Army of Club Penguin falls into a dark time as a tax fraud gets couped from leadership. AustinTaxFraud is awaiting trial, where he will hopefully face a life sentence in snake jail.

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Down With The Commanders

Snowy, Rooboo, and Maya are the brilliant leaders and teachers of the army, the great strategists of tournaments, military commanders, and guides of the Help Force. Despite having these qualities that every leader strives for, they are not fit to be commanders. Although these individuals may seem innocent at first, they are hiding dark secrets which will now be exposed to the world. Note, this post is entirely satirical please don’t kill me blame Scorp uwu.

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