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Army of Club Penguin Coups a Tax Fraud

The Army of Club Penguin falls into a dark time as a tax fraud gets couped from leadership. AustinTaxFraud is awaiting trial, where he will hopefully face a life sentence in snake jail.

Austin has an extensive criminal history. Like Calgo, a previous leader, Austin has been seen eating children. Unlike Calgo, who eats children for protein to maintain his buff physique, Austin eats children for fun. The Help Force News Beureu to Defend the Motherland from Disinformers and Visitors (HFNBDMDV) has rigorously questioned Austin over this alledged child eating. The entire interview is currently classified for the next 10 years, but we have managed to leak a few screenshots. These may have been ever so slightly edited. Do not check the dates.

As you can see, Austin loves eating children. This is a problem when it comes to leading a Club Penguin army, as most of the troops will be children. This would cause problems in the future, which was why Austin was couped. Moreover, Austin also loves eating Cats.

This is problematic as ACP has a staff member named “Cat”. This proves that Austin is not only a child eater but also a staff abuser. No wonder why he got couped.

This AustinTaxFraud will be apprehended and he will be couped. Make sure to attend the event on Sunday where he will be couped. He will join Calgo in snake jail, where they will both suffer for their war crimes against the coconuts, and their obvious child-eating.



One Response

  1. Um what the fuck did you guys do to Austin? Not to be mean of course!

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