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Animal Interview – Evan/Sonic

Hey Helpers! Welcome to another post of the Animal Interview, in which I interview the Helpers about their pets and get to know more about them!


Today, I’m going to interview one of newest Junior Staff  known as Evan/Sonic. And today, I’m going to ask him a few of questions about his chosen pet! If you do want to participate in this series, just DM f0xyy_p1ayzz with a photo of your animal and some details about it!

Hello Evan! How are youuu!

Hi Foxy I’m goooood how are you? 😀

That’s great to hear that you’re doing good, and I’m also doing good.
Before this interview started, I asked you if you had a pet, and you then said that you used too.

Yes that’s correct.

If you don’t mind, may you send a photo of that chosen pet and some description of it?

This is Miku (yes I named him after a vocaloid) he’s a mix between a siamese cat and a stray kitty I adopted him a while ago he was veryclingy and liked to stay by my side most of the time


Awwwww, such a cute cat,
I do have a couple questions I would like to ask you about Miku

Go on!


For my first question I would like to ask is: what food did Miku like to eat?

Oh he absolutely adored to eat ham haha every time we went to the fridge to get anything he always ran up to whoever was there and started meowing until he got a slice.


Aww, that’s so cutee!

My second question is: has Miku ever attacked you?
Hmm kinda but thats because he was still quite young he tended to bite my arm and scratch me
I can probably imagine that when Miku scratched you it hurt.
Oh it did haha though I managed to teach him not to do it
he did bite me still but in playful ways
Haha, I have a cat I don’t want him to scratch me.

You never know those lil balls of fur are up to anything haha

Hahaha True
For my third question Evan, I would like to ask what was the most enjoyable thing you did with your cat?

Oh I loved to take naps with him
eventually both of us just fell asleep

Awwww that’s so cutee!

For my 4th and probably final question: are you a dog or cat person?
well I’m more of a cat person
I’m a dog person more, but I understand that people love cats more.
That’s valid too I love both a lot but yknow since I had a cat I’m a bit biased haha
Yeah, haha
Well that marks the end of today’s interview, I hope you have a great day and remember that Miku is always watching.
Awww haha thank you for the interview it was fun he’s probably still begging me for ham sometimes ;P


Have great day Evan!
You too Foxy!! <3

That’s it for today folks, BUT I will be back in a week! 🙂 If you do want to be in a blog like this, why not DM f0xyy_p1ayzz with a picture of your animal and some details about it? See you next time and take care!

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