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Merry Chaos 2023

Hello everyone! Today we are looking back on what SnowyMaya, and other staff members brought to us on Christmas days with their advent Calendar. Read more to find out about the events we had!

Days 1 & 2

Snowy & Maya kicked off the 2023 Christmas advent Calendar with a Bot Money giveaway & Word search HF themed.

Day 3

The third day, the Help Force turned into a Christmas themed Channels name, and there was more Christmas emotes added for fun times and decorated chatting.

Day 4

On the 4th day, the Visitors made camp on the top of the leaderboard and went against the nature of the Help Force environment and Rules!

Day 5

On the 5th day, we hosted a Christmas themed memes competition, in which we created memes for the Christmas Chaos tournament for HF Hype!

Day 6

On the sixth day, our commander ROOBOO hosted a 3 Mutes giveaway!
The Winners: (f0xxy_p1ayzz, lovebrittany, NeoBlaze) 

Day 7

On the seventh day, Maya brought to us a Christmas Puzzle with a bunch of prizes for everyone!

Day 8

On the eighth day, Zenishira brought to us a Game Night in preparation for the Christmas Chaos battle happening the next day!

Day 9

On the ninth day, we brought to the people a Christmas themed Movie (ELF) in General VC!

Day 10

On the tenth day, our leadership brought to us a game of Christmas Bingo for all to complete!

Day 11

On the eleventh day, the Twin Oreos brought to us a scattered Help Force roles and channels around! We had a rough time navigating the server to be fair….

Day 12

On the 12th day, Maya brought to us 1 month long 2 custom roles giveaway!

The Winners: (I’m Edgy, Hitch)

Day 13

On the 13th day, Snowy made some chaotic changes on the online role list!

Day 14

On the 14th day, Maya brought to us another Christmas Crossword Puzzle with a bunch of prizes for everyone!

Day 15

On the 15th day, Riley hosted a Movie with a very angry tone, rude I know… Anyways everyone enjoyed the show and it counted for the Bingo!

Day 16

On the 16th day, our Leadership transformed the server into a Race Track themed server, to celebrate Desireus’s Birthday!
Rules: No speeding unless a visitor is crossing the road!

Day 17

On the 17th day, Riley hosted a Christmas Music party in Santa VC (General VC)!

Day 18

On the 18th day, RU brought to us a Club Penguin Style Contest, with a bunch of prizes. The leaders chose an outfit as their icon each and the Winners were also gifted with a temporary role above their main Rank roles!


Day 19

On the 19th day, Riley brought to us Trivia in the General chat!

Day 20

On the 20th day, Santa invdaded the Help Force mines, stole the food supplies and messed up the names and colors of the roles!

Day 21

On the 21st day, Maya hosted a 2 Nitro Giveaways as a gift for more emotes perms and fun nitro times!

The Winners: (Liqeor, ShadyPanda)

Day 22

On the 22nd day, Elp brought to us a fun Christmas Reading, in which he told us a fun story of the Glorious Motherland times!

Day 23

On the 23rd day, Traffic Light brought to us a fun HF themed Skribbl.io minigame time!

The Winners: (Red_Returns, xchrissyx, f0xxy_p1ayzz)

Day 24

On the 24th day, Santa invaded the Help Force mines again, and put a 10 second slow mode restriction on General Chat!

Day 25

On Christmas day (25th day), the HF Leadership brought to us a HF themed Wordle minigame with a bunch of Bot money prizes!

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