Arcadium Times

Hello Helpers! Welcome to my new web series called… Arcadium Times! This is where I will be talking about what has been hosted within the Help Force Arcadium from one week ago!


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Merry Chaos 2023

Hello everyone! Today we are looking back on what SnowyMaya, and other staff members brought to us on Christmas days with their advent Calendar. Read more to find out about the events we had!

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Through the Eyes of a New Recruit

What is up, brothers and sisters, Zenishira here.

Today, I’ve decided to Interview some fresh new recruits, those being N0tGabe and Princessleia. They enthusiastically joined Help Force the moment I asked them to be part of our family. I taught them about who we are, what is our history, what made Help Force the AUSIA staple that it is. Anyways, let the interview begin!

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Help Force Daily: HF YouTube

Hello everyone! I have decided to announce a very important matter, and you are already here so this isn’t my fault if you find the post boring, but don’t expect it to be good as well >:))

So, after a very long time of thinking I have decided to just do this important announcement, it’s very important that You won’t be disappointed by the end of the Post!

End of the post…

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Help Force Daily: Demon Slayer Edition

Hello everyone! I’m back with a new Help Force Daily post, and today I’m going to show you what Characters would the Help Force staff be had they lived as an Anime character in the Demon Slayer show!

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Help Force Daily: Food in the Mines

Eating Food isn’t something you can do every day in the Help Force mines, it’s true that some people smuggle some food every now and then, but they are always caught by the mighty Leaders and Officers. Let’s have a look on who gets fed the most in the Mines!

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Help Force Daily: The SUSSY Helpers Pt.1

Greetings Everyone! Today on the Help Force Daily we are going to Investigate some serious matter that has happened last week, the SUSSY Helpers has decided to take over the mines, as a rebellion was led by the one and only, The Imposter (????).

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Help Force Daily: Profile Memory

Hey Helpers! I’m sure most of you are confused by the title, but oh well, I never was a clear person hahaha. Ahem…. so, in this post I will be looking at Help Force members who are always memorized by a character in their pfp, some people don’t use it anymore but when I look at or hear a character/person name I always remember a certain member in the Community.

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Help Force Daily: A Look Back on HF AUSIA History

Hello Comrades! As we get closer to the AUSIA Arena tournament, let us take a quick peak on the History of HF AUSIA Events, some of you might know what is coming and some will find out today! Read the Post to find out.

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Help Force Daily: March to Victory!

Hello Helpers! As you all know we have reached the Finals in the March Madness tournament, and as we march closer to the grand battle day against the Rebel Penguin Federation, let us look at how the Helpers have been preparing themselves for the battle.

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