Through the Eyes of a New Recruit

What is up, brothers and sisters, Zenishira here.

Today, I’ve decided to Interview some fresh new recruits, those being N0tGabe and Princessleia. They enthusiastically joined Help Force the moment I asked them to be part of our family. I taught them about who we are, what is our history, what made Help Force the AUSIA staple that it is. Anyways, let the interview begin!

Hello and welcome, PrincessLeia and N0tgabe! We’re delighted to have you both as new recruits to Help Force. To start, could you tell us a bit about yourselves and how you discovered Help Force?

N0tgabe: Im Gabe 20 years old and small Luv listening to Bruno Mars and watching basketball I discovered it cause I was recruited ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Princess Leia: I’m Leia and 26 yrs old, I love everything, I was recruited by zeniiii, I’m a martial artist as well 😀

N0tgabe: WOAHHHH MARTIAL ARTIST! What styles do u do?

Princess Leia: Jiu jitsu and Muay Thai, and a little bit Kali But that’s my worst art.

N0tgabe: She gon beat me!! D:

Princess Leia: I am a trained martial artist and don’t fight my friends <3

That’s fantastic, Princess Leia! With your martial arts skills, it’s safe to say you’re the Help Force’s secret weapon. And N0tgabe, watch out, you might have to do a little extra training to keep up!

Now, let’s talk more about your journey with Help Force. Can you share your initial thoughts and impressions when you first joined?

N0tgabe: Wellll

Princess Leia: Help force needs a little work tbh, we need more pazazzzzz, a little sparkle sparkle

N0tgabe: Initial thoughts is that this a big server

Princess Leia: Big server, but are there people ?

N0tgabe: The activeness needs to be there. I haven’t been on long, but with more than 10k people you’d expect more than a couple thousand active.

Princess Leia: Agree agree

N0tgabe: U can do lots of things in the server which is nice and maybe looking forward to do so as well

Princess Leia: Yess I can’t wait to see what you guys can do for the server

It’s great to hear your thoughts on Help Force’s potential for growth and improvement. Speaking of that, as you spend more time here and get to know the community, have you ever considered the possibility of becoming more involved, perhaps as staff members, to help shape the server and its activities?

N0tgabe: Hmmmm, I’ll think about it. I’m not the type to join staff but I’ll think about it

Zenishira: Don’t worry about it, we have the Junior Staff ranks, which are essentially “Staff in Training” roles, suited for those who want to consider becoming staff, but also want to train before becoming full-fledged moderators.

Princess Leia: Sure I can I’m great with organizing and planning and stuff, Gabe just wants to chill!

You hear that, folks? We might get new Juniors in our team sooner or later! I’m eager to see how these two turn out.

Events are definitely a highlight in Help Force. As you settle in, how do you plan to engage with the Help Force community? Are there any specific events or activities you’re looking forward to?

N0tgabe: Listening to music with lots of people, movies maybe

Princess Leia: Yes movie themed events like of course starwars

Zenishira: We’re gonna have a Simpsons event this Friday, don’t forget! I might stream The Simpsons movie if we get enough people, ya know!

N0tgabe: Ooooo, Ill kepp that in mind

Thank you both for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us today. Before we conclude, is there anything else you’d like to add or any last thoughts you’d like to share with the Help Force community or newcomers? Perhaps a silly catchphrase?

Princess Leia: No but are you guys working on the games and stuff.

N0tgabe: I have nothing else to say, I say “Ay dios mio” a lot thats not a silly catchphrase.

It is clear that both N0tgabe and Princess Leia are eager to see what Help Force has in store for them. Maybe they will become our newest commanders and lead our motherland to victory? Or will they just sit in VC and listen to music? Who knows, I ain’t Mother Teresa. Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading this interview as much as I had making it, have a good one, peace!

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