Hello Helpers! Yesterday, we logged on CPAB, Stadium for a 5 all out armies Battle Royal that turned into a Joint event! Thank you BEASTO, Zenishira and the other armies event leaders for leading the event! Thanks to everyone for attending the event!

Max: 20+

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Hello Helpers, today we logged on CPAB and fought our brother allies, the Army of Club Penguin as part of the first phase of the February Training Camp. Thanks to everyone who attended the event and kudos to Zenishira and Beasto for leading the event!

Max: 19+

Comment below if you attended!

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Through the Eyes of a New Recruit

What is up, brothers and sisters, Zenishira here.

Today, I’ve decided to Interview some fresh new recruits, those being N0tGabe and Princessleia. They enthusiastically joined Help Force the moment I asked them to be part of our family. I taught them about who we are, what is our history, what made Help Force the AUSIA staple that it is. Anyways, let the interview begin!

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V Rising Review | Pain in the Neck Edition

What’s up, my brothers and sisters? Zenishira here!

Today, I won’t be reviewing a game! That’s right, I told you I was running dry with the games that I could review, so I asked you to make game requests. Remember my previous post where I got Red Returns to talk about Oblivion? Yeah, this time, the lucky guy that gets to be featured in my post is none other than my roommate Second in Command, BEASTO. The game he requested is actually an early-access game called…

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Captain Claw Review | Monolith Rules Edition

Yarr harr, me lads n’ lassies, ’tis Captain Zenishira here! Who’s ready for a swashbuckling adventure, where gold and treasure is to be found? Sail the seven seas and defeat other landlubbers that dare cross your path! Do you like cats? Do you like Pirates? Do you like both? Well, do I have the game for you, introducing…

Claw Images - LaunchBox Games Database

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Review | By Azura, it’s the Grand Champion Edition

What’s up, my brothers and sisters, Zenishira here!

Am I the only one who is tired of Todd Howard constantly popping out one version of Skyrim after the other? You have Skyrim on PC, PS4, Xbox, Amazon Alexa, Smart Fridge… What’s next, are we gonna play Skyrim on a potato now? Either way, today I’m bringing in a special guest to review the game with, Red_Returns! Today, we are going to review the weird but oddly fun RPG that came before Skyrim, I’m talking of course about…

Oblivion logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

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On Sunday, we went on an adventure to find a long-lost temple inside the mines. It was rumoured that food was being hidden inside this temple, so the troops were especially excited to find it. We had a lot of fun eating all the food while sitting in fantastic formations. Comment below if you attended!

Max 21+

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Dwarf Fortress Review | Losing is !!FUN!! Edition

What is up, my brothers and sisters? Zenishira here. Today, I will be talking about a game that inspired a genre, a game that creates endless possibilities for storytelling. Fables of civilizations rising to fame and fortune, only to fall down and crumble to dust. A game so complex that it requires you to memorize key binds just to be able to place down a simple carpenter’s workshop. A game where absurd events happen just because some sod thought that getting back their masterfully crafted sock is more important than saving their life from the horde. I am of course talking about…

Dwarf Fortress by Kitfox Games

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Titan Quest Review | Greek God Edition

What’s up, my brothers and sisters? Zenishira here!

When I was a child, I hated reading. My father always nagged me to stop playing computer games all day and actually become well versed in literature. However, he did not recommend the usual writers of my country (which are haunting twelfth grade highschool students in their finals exams).

He told me to read “The Legends of Olympus”, a book in two volumes that encompasses the mythology surrounding Greek gods and heroes. I absolutely loved the sheer insanity of Greek Mythology, did you know that Zeus had an itchy forehead and that he wanted someone to hit him with an axe? That’s how Athena got born, fully clad in war armor. Also as a child, I loved playing RPGs, specifically Diablo, I love its gloomy atmosphere, as you venture down the caves you fight stronger demons. Now, combine Greek Mythology and Diablo together and you get…

Download HD Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Logo Transparent PNG Image - NicePNG.com

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Pizza Tower Review | Topping Frenzy Edition

What is up my brothers and sisters? Zenishira here. Who’s hungry for pizza? I know that I am, as a staff member I do not get any food other than the crumbles I find under the table. Recently, I’ve heard of a place called Peppino’s Pizzeria, but when I called to order they did not pick up. Apparently there has been some incident, some giant pizza with a face threatened to destroy Peppino’s Pizzeria with a giant laser. Poor Peppino is alreadt in debt, he didn’t need that guy. He has to hurry up, chase Pizzaface and climb the dangerous…


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