Titan Quest Review | Greek God Edition

What’s up, my brothers and sisters? Zenishira here!

When I was a child, I hated reading. My father always nagged me to stop playing computer games all day and actually become well versed in literature. However, he did not recommend the usual writers of my country (which are haunting twelfth grade highschool students in their finals exams).

He told me to read “The Legends of Olympus”, a book in two volumes that encompasses the mythology surrounding Greek gods and heroes. I absolutely loved the sheer insanity of Greek Mythology, did you know that Zeus had an itchy forehead and that he wanted someone to hit him with an axe? That’s how Athena got born, fully clad in war armor. Also as a child, I loved playing RPGs, specifically Diablo, I love its gloomy atmosphere, as you venture down the caves you fight stronger demons. Now, combine Greek Mythology and Diablo together and you get…

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Titan Quest is a 2006 ARPG (action role-playing game) developed by Iron Lore Entertainment, the game is set in the ancient world, you start your journey in Greece, travelling through Egypt, getting over the Great Wall and arriving in China, and finally getting back to Greece. If you own the DLCs (some of which are as recent as 2021) you can also travel to Hades (Greek equivalent of Heck), Asgard and Atlantis!

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Now I know what you’re going to say: “DUUH, ZEN, THIS IS JUST LE FUNNY DIABLO II CLONE”, to which I say “Silence, for you only see the surface of this game has to offer!”

You see, this game has a major difference when compared to other RPGs of its era. Titan Quest is one of the few games that allows you to choose two classes to specialize in and use Talents from both of their skill trees. With 11 base classes at your disposal you can mix and match abilities to suit your playstyle! Want to be a spell slinging Warrior? An archer that is aided by the forces of nature? How about an assassin that can haunt your dreams? Titan Quest got you covered in all fronts!

Juggernaut Build Guide - Titan Quest

Another difference from Diablo is that you don’t have to identify your gear no more, thank goodness. You might think this is a minor thing, but trust me when I say that I enjoy not having to worry about missing identify scrolls whenever I find legendary loot. Speaking of, this game actually encourages you to actually look at the stats of your weapons and armor instead of just looking at a “yellow name”, screaming “ooh shiny!” and just plastering “Poseidon’s Mighty Christmas Light Decorated Trident XXL”. Also, I find the enemy variety interesting. You don’t fight your usual Demons, Zombies and all that cliché RPG stuff. What you fight instead are monsters that are actually mentioned in Greek Mythology, such as Satyrs, the Cyclops, Cerberus, Hydras and more! Oh, and also this game has funny ragdolls whenever you kill enemies.

The world of this game is absolutely massive. Whenever I take my time to look at the map and see how much I’ve traversed, it feels like I’ve ran an entire Marathon, but instead of lighting a torch for the Olympic games, I am bringing the light to this cursed world. The fact that this is actually our world and not some imaginary one like Warcraft’s Azeroth really makes you feel immersed, like you’re actually there in the years before Christ, helping the poor citizens of Athens and beating up whatever monstrosities dare to challenge you.

The Poisoned Spring - Act 1 Side Quest

The OST of this game ranges from good to great! Really makes you feel like you’re a battle-ready Spartan warrior, and that everything in your path will be subject to your fury, have a listen!

It’s honestly quite a miracle that this game is still supported by its developers and community years after its release. There’s tons of mods out there that change the feel of the game, and the fact that new DLCs come up every now and then really shows that this game is an old but gold masterpiece! It may be a “Diablo II clone”, but it sure is a good one at that! I hope you too will be able to experience this game like I have and start your own adventure. Have a good one!


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