V Rising Review | Pain in the Neck Edition

What’s up, my brothers and sisters? Zenishira here!

Today, I won’t be reviewing a game! That’s right, I told you I was running dry with the games that I could review, so I asked you to make game requests. Remember my previous post where I got Red Returns to talk about Oblivion? Yeah, this time, the lucky guy that gets to be featured in my post is none other than my roommate Second in Command, BEASTO. The game he requested is actually an early-access game called…

V Rising is an upcoming open-world survival game developed by Stunlock Studios and published by Koch Media. It is currently in early access for Microsoft Windows.

In V Rising, you play as a newly awakened vampire who must hunt for blood to regain your strength and build a castle to call your own. You can play solo or with friends, and the game features both PvE and PvP elements.

Aaand, that’s all I know about the game… Beasto, I am giving you center stage, talk about the game for a while, will ya?

V rising is a vampire based survival game, when you launch the game it tells you about the story of the vampires and how they were pushed back from their castles to the shadows after you load the game, and join either a private server/public server, it will ask you to make your own character

so this is how you customise your character in game, its not much but it actually provides badass looks lmao

Uh uh, quite the gnarly character creator it got there! Not as fancy as Oblivion’s but it’s got its own charm, you can make your own Dracula buddy if you want. Say, does this game have different classes? What can you tell me about its gameplay?

The game will show that your character has awoken from a long slumber, its basically the start of the game where it starts teaching you how to do stuff (basically tutorial), the game doesn’t have classes, you’re all vampires with different abilities and different blood types. You start the game with a frail blood type (0% quality) you can also get the frail blood type from eating rats and eating some hearts lol. the weakest blood type you can get after the frail, is the worker blood type, it’s more of a gathering resources blood type you can get it from villagers mostly and farmers. The second weakest would be the creature blood, to be fair, its not weak its just not the best used for fights its more of a resistance blood type, cause in this game can’t resist sun light, garlic, silver and holy light, and it drains their blood slowly depending on the quantity so if you have 2 silver coins you don’t get damaged as much as 20. Thats where the creature blood type helps as it provides resistance for these stuff you can get this blood type from any animal or creature in the game

this is for Frail blood quality

this is for Creature Blood Qualities

the strongest of the top 4 blood types is the brute, from its name you know already that you can sustain during a fight with this bad boy for a long time, its also my favorite blood type, the brute can be obtained from big soldiers mainly but its also randomised, so you can get it anywhere tbf

coming next the Scholar blood type, its basically a magical blood type, it boosts your abilities damage and makes your abilities deal very high damage and also lowers the abilities cooldowns

3rd one would be the warrior, a very strong blood type for close range battles and also it helps you block many of the enemies damage and there also is the parry that makes it more and more

4th one would be this amazing blood type for usually long range fights and high maneuvers in a boss fight, it also boosts your damage as well

Yeah, kind of weird to find out that Vampires have different blood types. I am still wondering how transfusions between them would work, they better call Dr. Acula! Also, why would a vampire carry silver coins? Shouldn’t their currency be in gold or any other metal that is not poisonous? It’s like humans having lead coins, but that’s besides the point.

You level up slowly, you start by collecting copper coins which tbh doesn’t do any damage, but the silver coins is the second part of the progress and its very important, cause it will help you buy books you can use on something called a study to gain weapons recipes, and the last parts of your progress where the gold will come in, and its basically the same idea but it doesn’t deal any damage to you, you can carry gold wherever you want haha.

So is this game yet another Diablo II clone? I mean, I ain’t complaining, I love me some good ARPGs, but in order to make it a good Diablo clone, it must do something different to stand out, other than the blood types, what other things does  the game feature? Is it separated in different Acts or zones? Like, you know, one zone is dark plains, then you go on and on until the last zone is the depths of Hell or something.

There are 6 different regions, you start the game on the Farbane Woods, which is the lowest level region in the game. you will meet many bosses on this region though and some are roaming everywhere and some are just in their own house waiting for you to come and challenge them.

Also this game has 3 acts of V blood types V Blood types refer to Bosses Farbane Woods has about 15 bosses the region might look small on picture but its actually the biggest of them all. To the north east of this wonderful woody region, we can see the hollowed mountains. It’s a freezing region with high level mobs and bosses, you will only face 2 bosses in this region, ik not much but still they were a struggle. Then comes my favorite region the Dunley Farmlands, I suggest everyone to build their own castle in this region its so helpful for the future and it connect all of the regions together, in this region you will fight about 12 bosses, they aren’t to be taken lightly but you can still beat them with a bit of patience.

Now ain’t that a big map? Let us leave the rest of the map for whoever want to play it to discover! So, what are your hopes for the future of V Rising? Anything you want to be added in the game in particular?

Honestly the game is too perfect for me to ask for anything else, but i would love to see this game even bigger and i know it will be cause its still has potential, I would love if they focused on adding bosses that requires a certain weapon to be beaten, like it would make it more challenging lmao and it makes the players more focused on learning all the weapons while fighting bosses instead of just using the same weapon the whole time

Do you prefer to play solo or with friends?

for the last 3 bosses, the game will recommend you to have 2 people alongside you cause they do be tough but i have beaten the game solo it was tough and i had to sweat too much on that game but it was all worth it, if you ask me i prefer solo.

Well, I see that you’ve invested a lot of time into this game, would you recommend it to our comrades within Help Force?

If you would love being a Vampire and also would like to build your own castle in your own way with your own throne room, then go for it, this game truly is a masterpiece and the graphics are good to be honest, and this doesn’t depends on classes to have the advantage, instead it basically says “the better Vampire wins”, so try it

Thank you for your time, Beasto! Maybe I will play V Rising in the future, give it a shot, see how I can reenact my dream of becoming the next Vlad Ţepeş and rule the world! But now, I will leave you with the OST of V Rising for you to enjoy. I sure hope you have a good one, Peace!

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