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This Week In Arcadium | Week 3

This has been a fun week with the Minecraft server back up and running, and some more susness happening on Roblox. This wouldn’t be a week in Arcadium without some rigged Skribbl games as well, but at least this week wasn’t as rigged as last week.

The week started off with a rigged Skribbl game as usual.

Thank you to NeoBlaze for forgetting to take an actual picture of the scores. Also, congrats to Gamerrichi for winning!

Afterwards, Choco hosted yet another game of Roblox; this time on Epic Minigames. As the title suggests, the minigames were very epic, although it became rigged once Skillz left, as 2v2 minigames became 2v1.

Look at him innocently handing out balloons. That was just to distract us from the fact that he was going to rig the games.

Like always, Choco was very hot in the game. His avatar is weirdly tall, completely opposite to his tiny stature in real life.

Although Choco was very hot, he could not escape his skill issue. Choco can never escape his skill issue, especially when Skillz is there.

Thank you to Luigi for playing with us!

We proceeded to have more rigged Skribbl games, hosted by ShadowPlayzx and Foxy.

In a massive plot twist, Iwix from a previous Skribbl game turned out to be Dixix, the ex-admiral. Diwix hosted a fun game of Jackbox, where Choco kept losing and Neo kept winning.

Special thanks to Nell for being a really good assistant.

Please rate her highly. I need to meet my ratings quota so I can get my free dentist checkups. Please let me have my free checkups.

Anyway, that was the third week in Aracadium! We saw Jackbox being hosted for the first time this week, and the Minecraft server is back up! Hopefully, next week is just as fun as this week!

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