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This Week In Arcadium | Week 5

Welcome back once again to the second month of Arcadium! This week, we had yet another rigged Roblox event and more rigged Skribbl events. This was yet another rigged week in Arcadium

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This Week In Arcadium | Week 3

This has been a fun week with the Minecraft server back up and running, and some more susness happening on Roblox. This wouldn’t be a week in Arcadium without some rigged Skribbl games as well, but at least this week wasn’t as rigged as last week.

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This Week In Arcadium | Week 2

This week saw several slightly rigged games being hosted by our tasty hosts. There was also some scamming going on as we fed each other to sharks. This week was a very tasty week for sharks.

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This Week In Arcadium | Week 1

Following the conclusion of the first week of Arcadium, the helpers and new Arcadium Hosts are enjoying playing and hosting many fun games. A wide variety of games were hosted this week, such as Skribbl, Roblox, and Minecraft.

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Danplays Found Dead

A tragedy has struck our motherland as Danplays has been found dead during an intense game of Skribbl. The murderer was none other than ShadowPlayzx, who attempted to cover up Dan’s death. The rest of the helpers hide in fear as Shadow starts a reign of terror.

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