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This Week In Arcadium | Week 5

Welcome back once again to the second month of Arcadium! This week, we had yet another rigged Roblox event and more rigged Skribbl events. This was yet another rigged week in Arcadium

The week started with a classic game of Skribbl. The game was, like normal, very rigged, as Jo did not win.

Neo clearly rigged the game so that he could win. If you want proof, just look at this cool polar bear.

This is all the proof you need to know that Neo rigged the game. 100% no cap fr fr.

Later in the week, we had a fun game on Roblox, this time on Item Asylum. Choco had wanted this game to win the voting ever since the merge, so he decided to rig the votes and make the game win. In the game, we were joined by a suspicious Desireus, who killed us all with his arsenal of guns.

Desireus is very dangerous when he has guns. Poor Choco stood no chance when Des unleashed fire upon him. Des did not only have guns in his toolbelt. He also had some…more destructive weapons.

I’m talking about nukes.

That coconut blew us all up with his hacked nuclear weapon. How could he do this to us? I preferred it when he just shot us dead.

It wasn’t all violent though; We also learnt a lesson in empathy.

Perhaps we shouldn’t treat visitors so roughly. Perhaps they deserve some rights.

Yeah nah. If we give them rights, they will take all of our food and we will starve. This is why it is crucial that visitors do not receive rights or food. Famine is a very serious issue in the motherland.

Jk. There is no famine in our glorious, gracious motherland.

That marks the end of the 5th week in Arcadium. See you next week with more fun and definitely rigged games!


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