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This Week In Arcadium | Week 5

Welcome back once again to the second month of Arcadium! This week, we had yet another rigged Roblox event and more rigged Skribbl events. This was yet another rigged week in Arcadium

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This Week In Arcadium | Week 4

It has been almost a month since the Arcadium merged with the Help Force. One month in, the Arcadium continues to host many fun events. This week, we saw more rigged Roblox games, a word search hosted by the sussiest person, and a fun game of Cart Surfer. You know, the usual rigged games.

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This Week In Arcadium | Week 2

This week saw several slightly rigged games being hosted by our tasty hosts. There was also some scamming going on as we fed each other to sharks. This week was a very tasty week for sharks.

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This Week In Arcadium | Week 1

Following the conclusion of the first week of Arcadium, the helpers and new Arcadium Hosts are enjoying playing and hosting many fun games. A wide variety of games were hosted this week, such as Skribbl, Roblox, and Minecraft.

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On Sunday, we logged on for a Flintstones event where we dressed up as dinosaurs. We released our dino-roaring tactics in our ancient formations. Thank you to the dinosaurs that somehow didn’t eat all of our helpers. Comment below if you attended!

Max: 24+

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Today, we dressed up as Monopoly Men to have a fun Monopoly event. We had fun making amazing formations, before being caught by surprise when we had to pay rent for landing in the plaza. After the event, we played a fun game of Monopoly. Comment below if you attended!

Max: 15+

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Hello Helpers, today we Logged on CPAB to celebrate our win of Ausia Arena! The event was led by Rooboo at the stadium, Snowflake led at the Dock with Desireus. The Buffet was enjoyable Food was served to all Helpers! Continue reading


Greetings coconut Consumers! Today we logged on CPABattleground, Stadium for an Invasion event, where we did wonderful tactics and forms in the Snow Forts led by Yoda and our personal Leader and Trainer DesireusThanks to everyone who attended this Invasion, hope to see you in future events Comrades! :DD

Max: 23+

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Hey lovelies! Today we logged on CPABattleground, Stadium for an army training event. We did some amazing tactics and forms led by Beasto and Thuanthaijo in the Iceberg. Big thanks Snowflake for the wonderful VC lead, and thanks to everyone who attended this training event! Till the next time :DDD

Max: 15+

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Greetings Helpers! Today we logged on CPABattleground to have a fun Coup event, where the helpers chanted some tactics and did amazing forms encouraging the SOUP COUP >:). Thank you Mantiuxx for leading the event, and thanks to everyone who attended this wonderful event.

Max: 17+

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