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This Week In Arcadium | Week 4

It has been almost a month since the Arcadium merged with the Help Force. One month in, the Arcadium continues to host many fun events. This week, we saw more rigged Roblox games, a word search hosted by the sussiest person, and a fun game of Cart Surfer. You know, the usual rigged games.

We started the week with a suspicious game of Roblox Hide and Seek, where Choco was being sus as usual.

Just look at what he did to me. You don’t just accidentally cling onto someone because you “walked into them”. No no no. Choco clearly did this intentionally. He did this to make Skillz jealous. You see, Choco and Skillz had been dating. This was after Val, Skillz’s ex, cheated on him with Choco, so to get back at Val, Skillz got together with Choco. This relationship didn’t last long, and now Choco wanted to get revenge by clinging to Jo and making Skillz feel jealous. Too bad for him that Skillz was it in this round, and the time Choco wasted by clinging to Jo allowed Skillz to destroy Choco quickly.

Next, MayaTheSus hosted a simple, yet devious word search. You see, the word search had the word “Jo” in it, yet “Jo” was not a word you had to find.

This is outrageous. Maya’s pay will be docked because of this. Do trustees even get paid? Who knows?

Finally, at the end of the week, we hosted a fun game of Cart Surfer after an event. It was fun, and everyone enjoyed trying their hardest to get the highest score. Special thanks to Wolfi for getting the best score, “Connection was Lost”.

Anyways, congrats to Mikkel for coming in first place!

This concludes the first month since the merge. A lot of fun games were hosted. A lot of rigged traditions were formed. Now it’s time to continue this and keep hosting lots and lots of games.



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