Danplays Found Dead

A tragedy has struck our motherland as Danplays has been found dead during an intense game of Skribbl. The murderer was none other than ShadowPlayzx, who attempted to cover up Dan’s death. The rest of the helpers hide in fear as Shadow starts a reign of terror.

In a horrific attempt to eliminate the opposition in Skribbl, ShadowPlayzx opted for a more deadly approach. Shadow decimated Dan, killing him in an instant. Dan didn’t even know what hit him, and the next thing he knew, he was dead. Dead and no longer able to compete in Skribbl. To prevent himself from becoming a target, Shadow ‘informed’ every one of Dan’s disappearance, trying not to act sus.

Unfortunately for Shadow, this Skribbl lobby was full of Among Us pros, who all knew how to spot an imposter. Everyone was instantly sus of Shadow, suspecting him of murdering Dan. All they needed was evidence now. If only there was some sort of reliable source that could give us evidence. Oh, wait. There is. This blog post is one of the most reliable sources there is.

Not only did Shadow kill Dan, he admitted to it. Good thing good old reliable Jo was here to collect the evidence. I know it looks slightly weird, but that’s just Discord’s new font that only appeared for a few seconds. Trust me. I would never lie to you. Now that we all agree that Shadow was the one that killed Dan, we need to lock him up. 3 years in Wynn’s basement for ShadowPlayzx. It is the only option to keep this maniac from killing more people in Skribbl.

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