Help Force Daily: HF YouTube

Hello everyone! I have decided to announce a very important matter, and you are already here so this isn’t my fault if you find the post boring, but don’t expect it to be good as well >:))

So, after a very long time of thinking I have decided to just do this important announcement, it’s very important that You won’t be disappointed by the end of the Post!

End of the post…

Just kidding, ha ha ha, cringe…

What to expect this upcoming 2 weeks on HF YouTube?


A very special video is in the works right now, so look out for a fun video related to HF events!!!


We have a very important guest on the HF Podcast coming soon, I’m going to just tell you couple hints about this person: (he was a former Commander of HF) and he will be telling us about his history in the Help Force, alongside other stuff during his active times!!!


The Help Force Show Coming soon!!!

alright that’s the end of the post, for real this time XDDD, until next time!!!!!

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