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Help Force Daily: A Look Back on HF AUSIA History

Hello Comrades! As we get closer to the AUSIA Arena tournament, let us take a quick peak on the History of HF AUSIA Events, some of you might know what is coming and some will find out today! Read the Post to find out.

Help Force AUSIA

I mean let us be honest, we all know that HF started as an Ausia army, considering that the Creator of the army himself led the Ausia Division. Yes, you heard that right out of your own mouth, our former commander and creator of this Army also known as, Ayan, is actually a Curry muncher. Anyways, Help Force has always been strong in the Ausia division, as it was always blessed with great Ausia Leaders and staff, they also have shaped up this amazing Community to what you see it right now, just a place full of people asking for food… Ahem. The Helpers are never easy to beat, and once they know that there is some Curry on the line, their Ausia spirit will be awakened, even if they weren’t Ausia. So, Ausia Arena is going to be a fantastic win hopefully.

Aces of Ausia 2020 Winners (AoA)

Alright, I know that you know that I was going to mention this, but according to the great history of the Help Force, one of the greatest Tournaments that the Help Force won was actually an Ausia Tournament led by our former Commander Vedant against the Army of Club Penguin in the Finals. You see that trophy on the left side, the one above the summer Bash trophy, yea that’s the AoA Trophy, I know right its soooo coool. Imagine if we can get another trophy this upcoming tournament. Never say never, I believe in the Helpers and their curry spirit.

AoA Finals

Honestly, HF Ausia during 2020 was at its highest peak, literally breaking every record they reached from 63 to 85, they even reached 121 Helpers online in one event, it wasn’t an Ausia event but still imagine how many Helpers are there asking to be fed, now that’s bankruptcy if you haven’t seen one before.

HF Breaks the Record with 121 Troops online.

What is Coming?

Well, there are a lot of things coming next month, and as a Help Force General, I’m going to tell you that next month is going to be the month we make history and win an Ausia Tournament again. March forward HELPERSSS!!! LET THEM KNOW HOW THE HELPERS ARE GREAT AND UNRIVALED!!! EMBRACE YOUR CURRY SPIRIT!!! AND KEEP UNLEASHING THE POWER OF HELPING!!!


I hope you liked this cute Post. To be honest there are many stuff that I surely missed, as HF is very well known for being strong in the Ausia Division among other armies, and it’s time for the Helpers to embrace their Curry Power and spirit even more! See you on the battlefield Comrades, for then is the time we share tactics towards Victory!!!

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