Help Force Daily: Food in the Mines

Eating Food isn’t something you can do every day in the Help Force mines, it’s true that some people smuggle some food every now and then, but they are always caught by the mighty Leaders and Officers. Let’s have a look on who gets fed the most in the Mines!

Leaders and Officers (all types of food)

The Leaders and the Officers (trustees) are the ones who control what kind of food enters the mines and what kind of food enters their offices, it’s basically their own playground and business to run, we are just here to follow what they say, whether it’s about food or “Elp is the greatest”!

Help Force Staff (Cookies)

Well then being a Help Force Staff has some perks in the mines and the higher your rank is, the easier you get away with smuggling food. It’s true we still get told off if we were found eating food, but sometimes the Leaders just go easy on us to keep us energized for any future event, and that rarely happens without being taxed for it!

Help Force Junior Staff (Cookies and Coconuts)

Those are the lucky ones before the storm, they get to enjoy some food before they enter the mines of hell. In the Junior staff squad, the higher your rank is, the difficult it is for you to eat, so it’s the opposite of the staff ranks. The Juniors are also very dedicated and hard workers who try their best to prove themselves to the Leaders, hence why they get food more than the rebellious staff!

Help Force Troops (all types of food chosen by the Leaders)

The Troops, the best ranks when it comes to food, those are the people who get fed daily and it would be amazing if there was an event buffet, the more food the more satisfied they are. Some troops even make fun of the staff for it, which is something that they should be dealt with for, but the Officers are always looking away to keep the Troops happy and satisfied!

Help Force Dynasty (all types of food chosen by the Leaders)

Just like Troops, the Dynasty members get fed a lot, but after they retired from their HF staff ranks, their appetite has diminished, which is why whenever there is an event, their tables and plates after the event is done are always filled with food, they should be taxed for that just like the staff, but I guess because they are the former staff of the Community, they get away with it or some of them at least!

Help Force Visitors (What is food??)

The name itself describes the situation here, Visitors do not get any food, they are just pathetic Visitors roaming the upper levels of the Mines and getting banned from it on daily basis. Food isn’t even a question here, they don’t have the right for it, they are Visitors, and Visitors have no rights!

That’s it for today folks, like and comment below if you enjoyed reading this one and until next time! :DDD

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