Arcadium Times

Hello Helpers! Welcome to my new web series called… Arcadium Times! This is where I will be talking about what has been hosted within the Help Force Arcadium from one week ago!

Today, I will be talking about what has been hosted at the HF Arcadium. I will start of describing on what the Arcadium is… The Help Force Arcadium is where members of HF can come and join events that are being hosted by the Arcadium Staff. – Throughout this post I will be showing you what has been hosted on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!

On Sunday, 28th January, F0xyy_p1ayzz hosted a game of Roblox ( Murder Mystery 2) with 8 other people coming to join! Throughout this intense game, we found out that Jo was countable for all the murders made but yet, their was no sort of evidence that it was him who killed everyone.

Once we found the murderer was, we then decided to take a family photo together! (We still couldn’t trust Jo as he loves to eat people)

Now, Skillz decided to host on Monday, 29th January. Unfortunately we don’t have any photos throughout the game was playing, but when it did eventually end we found out who the winners are.

To end the month, plotter12598 Hosted something called Bomb Party on Tuesday, 30th January. Again, I don’t have any photos on what happened throughout the event but once the game ended we found out the winner was Jo. Rigged? I think so.

That’s it for today folks, BUT I will be back soon with another web series of Arcadium Time! 🙂 Next Week, I will be talking about what happened in Arcadium during the week!  See you next time and take care!

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