Help Force Daily: Profile Memory

Hey Helpers! I’m sure most of you are confused by the title, but oh well, I never was a clear person hahaha. Ahem…. so, in this post I will be looking at Help Force members who are always memorized by a character in their pfp, some people don’t use it anymore but when I look at or hear a character/person name I always remember a certain member in the Community.

Ayan – Thomas Shelby

Peaky Blinders star reacts to Jason Statham almost playing Tommy

Thomas Shelby – Peaky Blinders

Just like Thomas Shelby, Ayan is the big boss who runs everything around here, and to be honest I have seen Ayan use Thomas as a pfp many times before, and till this day whenever I watch something for this unbelievable and charismatic character, I always remember Ayan. Leadership, reputation, CAS Music (not related lol), Confident man and charisma, his presence in HF and CPA chats makes it tremble with the curry power.

ROOBOO – Kristoff

Josh Gad responds to Frozen 2 fan theory about Kristoff

Kristoff – Frozen

I have seen Rooboo use this character as pfp many times, and to be honest I got to a point where it will always be a reminder of our fantastic Commander Rooboo. Kristoff is also a nice dude who is in love, just like our lovely Rooboo, who is in love with everyone equally. Kristoff is always red faced as well as you can see, it’s ironic since Rooboo uses the 😊 Blush emoji most of the time.

Snowy – Black Widow

VIDÉO - "Black Widow" : un premier teaser survitaminé dévoilé à la D23

Black Widow – Avengers

I’m going to be honest, just by looking at Scarlett Johansson I instantly remember Snowy, her strong vibe and amazing responsible personality is much like our amazing Commander Snowy. Obviously, we have all seen Snowy using this character as her pfp, and I am not going to lie, I’m starting to believe they are the same person, they both tend to be scary :scared~2:, but let’s be real both Snowy and Black Widow are amazing and definitely beautiful.

Desireus – Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen | Characters | Disney Cars

Lightning McQueen – Cars

I know this has become too much but we can’t have such a post without reminding you all that Lightning McQueen is in fact Desireus, literally same energy, same couching, and of course same wheels XD. Whenever I watch cars nowadays, I just remember our former Commander Desireus, he has become part of the character somehow for everyone in HF.

Vedant – Adam Levine

Adam Levine is leaving 'The Voice': See who will take his chair

Adam Levine – Musician

Some of you might not know this, but there was a time when Vedant/barney only used Adam Levine pfps, I started to believe that they are the same person XD. Adam Levine is a great leader and has amazing voice as we have seen in many “The Voice” episodes for those who watched it, just like our former Commander Vedant, with his amazing leadership, Voice and the Adam Levine pfp, you might think they are the same person. haha

Scorpion Demon – Daemon Salvatore

Daemon Salvatore – Vampire Diaries

If you watched the series “Vampire Diaries” you will know our savage character Daemon the Vampire, and just like our savage Scorp, this character is always good at what he does, but if someone tries to mess with him, then he starts to enjoy the taste of their blood. Much like Scorp, except our amazing Scorp doesn’t drink blood, instead he fights back with his own clever words. Not going to lie but I knew Daemon because of Scorp, he used this character as a pfp for a long while so it’s a must add to this list.

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