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Hello lovely readers of Help Force! I am back with another part of Get to Know Your Staff, which we will be meeting the staff! today’s guest is… a food, sleepless, hippo-loving person you know him from his classic pfp! I present to you mantiuxx….

Yoda: How are you doing today, Manti?

Hi Yoda i am good hru?

Yoda: I’m great thanks for asking! So, Manti we are here to learn more about you what can you say about your hobbies, what you like to do?

Well besides playing videogames like almost everybody, I started crocheting plushies this year and Im really liking it!

Yoda: Oh, that’s cute! Get me some spider plushie So back to Help Force How did you find out about club penguin armies and what inspired or who influenced you to join Help Force?

Well I joined the Light Troops at first to get some CPO coins lol, after CPO died I joined the CPR discord server and got recruited to HF by Monika

Yoda: Nice to hear that! So manti why did you want to be a staff member, what are your goals? What is the best thing about being a staff member and what is your advice to those who wants to be a staff?

Well at first I was competing with Nervous to see who got commodore first, I ended up winning and since we became pretty active I got asked to join the jr staff team. Maya and snowy also helped me a lot in motivation to become staff. My goals are just to help the army as much as I can with the time I hace, and probably my favourite thing about being staff is the amazing Staff team that we have  If you want to become a staff member make sure to be very active, helpful, and nice to everyone!

Yoda: yeah, unlike nervous ahem We have come to the end of our time thanks for participating to interview manti! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers before we end?

Cat good

Hippo bad

Stay Healthy

Eat Ketchup

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