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Double Trouble – Dhanush and PinguMaliz

Bello Helpers!! No need to panic; your favorite Double Trouble hosts are still hungry and mining. I, your ex-host, have returned with a bang. I successfully kidnapped the guests while “Elp the Greatest” was blissfully unaware. They were recently welcomed into the staff team and have been working hard ever since. Double Trouble has been a highly popular blog for Help Force, and it has brought these two closer on many levels. Without further ado, we welcome our dynamic duo team Dhanush and PinguMaliz to the trouble podium!!


Welcome guys to your own showdown, how do you feel to be in the place of being the victims?

PinguMaliz: Hi thank you RU! I’m good, excited for this 🙂 fun to be on the other side

Dhanush: Heyy 🙂 It feels amazing to be here! I like how the tables have turned and now me and Pingu are the victims being hunted (Pingu karma is hitting on us)

PinguMaliz: Victims 😭 oh god are we gonna survive this even

They have been doing this for about a decade in terms of penguin timeline. Slaves, finally your destiny is to be dealt with the original author of this series, me. Let’s see who survives…

PinguMaliz: Damn, we’re getting old then.

Dhanush: Decades?! Oh damn, I had no idea 😭 The way time flies, aaa! Yes, we are boomers now and the oldies are even older.

Very bold of you to say that Dhanush. I will deal with you later. Other than me forcing you both into doing this, have you got close throughout this entire time?

Dhanush: Oh yeah!! At first we didn’t even know each other. After Scorp gave us the chance to do this blog together, is when me and Pingu actually started talking. Although I did know she existed because she used to do the CPKnowledge Blogs and we both were Jr. Staff around the same time. Then yep, throughout our journey in double trouble, we kept getting close.

PinguMaliz: Haha yeah, I had no idea who he was at first. The first time we did this, we didn’t talk very much but since the 2024 revival, we’ve definitely gotten closer. Also, uhh, my memory is terrible when it comes to HF, like, help.

“I didn’t even know you existed” had me lol. Through this journey, is there a fav duo that you had or a memory you want to share?

Dhanush: Would you kill me if I didn’t say Ru & Amy? But yes, they are both a favorite because of the first blog. Other than that, I really like Ayan, Elp, Snowy, and Wynn!!

(Of course, I will kill you, but let’s spare you this time.)

PinguMaliz: Favorite duo, hmm. I really liked Vedant and Nell; it was a cute interview. Ayan and Elp were legendary—there was SO MUCH CHAOS! Also, Ender and Chicken.

PinguMaliz: Can I just say, I also love how during every interview we DM each other and comment on the things they are saying.

(The conversation proceeds with discussing many other duos; the rest of the memories are added at the end)

I agree, those are for sure some chaotic duos. What is one trait that you love about one another?

Dhanush: I love the fact that Pingu is always very kind, and she’s extremely patient. She always gets the blog done on time.

PinguMaliz: I love that Dhanush is very kind too, and honestly, I don’t understand how he can put up with the people we interview. I respect that, lol. I love how during every interview we DM each other and comment on the things they are saying.

Aww that is adorable! But I really wish to know what annoys you about each other even if it is a little “A” of the annoying?

Dhanush: LOL NOTHING. I honestly have never been annoyed by Pingu. It’s not very easy to annoy me, hehe, and again, Pingu is filled with patience and kindness.

PinguMaliz: Well he did start this pokemon chain in #alphabet-chat and now I can’t understand what is happening there nor can I break the chain by sending a random Pokémon.

(We also learned that Malini has not seen Avatar: The Last Airbender or Harry Potter. I didn’t waste time asking what other fandoms she hasn’t seen yet because I don’t want to be disappointed again).

So, what would you both like to nickname one another?

Dhanush: I pronounced her name wrong in VC😭 and that’s the nickname I’ll always call her in VC, xD. Malini in my accent and her accent is really different.

PinguMaliz: Ahem, I don’t know if this counts, but literally, like LITERALLY every time I read your name, I read it as Dhushnush. Not because I think it looks like that, I just like it, XD.

Dhushnush, lol, I love it. If you would suggest a quote for each other, what would that be?

Dhanush: “No matter how much your surroundings change, you must remain the same because you’re perfect just the way you are.”

PinguMaliz: “A good life is just a series of good days. Live every day to the fullest.”

Super thoughtful!! If you had a superpower, what would it be?

PinguMaliz: Oooo, I wanna be able to fly. I love being outside in good weather and sunshine, just listening to music and chilling. Flying through the air while doing that would make it 100 times better.

Dhanush: Hmm, helping people (nah, that’s Taylor Swift). If I had a superpower, I would love to speak with animals or control nature.

(Sorry Dhanush, Swifties are coming for you. Brace yourself).

If you both decide to meet in real life, what do you think would be your first response?
(FYI, I would forcefully make Malini watch Harry Potter first)

Dhanush: I agree with Ru!

PinguMaliz: I’d have him make me understand how the fuck my fingers are supposed to move when playing bonk.

Can you describe each other in five emojis?


🐧 ❤️ 🥰 🔫 🍓


(I got a feeling that PinguMaliz is short like: Heyyy 😊 you so so nice 😊 give me money pls 😊 or else.. 🔫)

– – – – – –

Moving on, I went ahead and asked a few Rapid Fire Questions. It is given that if ye shalt be slowpoke, ye shalt face consequences. Sadly, both acted like good troops and I couldn’t ban either of them.

What CP room do you think they will hang out the most?

Dhanush: Wild Puffle Forest?

Pingumaliz: Pizza parlour, for sure and it is called “The Wild”!

Who do you think will be better at relationships?

Dhanush: Her ofc 😭, she is already dating!

PinguMaliz: Um yeah I’m also gonna say me XD sorry haha

What element would they be? Fire, Earth, Water or Air?

Dhanush: Air

PinguMaliz: Fire

Who is most likely to go missing after 15 minutes of entering a festival?

Dhanush: Her, me going missing is impossible.

PinguMaliz: Me, I am so lost all the time.

(Time to chain Pingu on our Help Force trips)

If either of you would win Hunger Games, who do you think it will be and why?

Dhanush: Me

PinguMaliz: Him, I can’t kill people i’d be like hey so um why can’t we just be friends you want some ice cream? :)))

Most likely to break plates or smash their phone when frustrated?

Dhanush: Me. I smash my tv remote and phone when they don’t work.

PinguMaliz: Him

Who will be killed first in a horrow movie?

Dhanush: Her

PinguMaliz: Me

Who is most likely to smack a helper on top their head just cause they afk during event?

Dhanush: Beasto

PinguMaliz: Beasto

(Poor guy, did not have to call him out like that)

If the other had to choose a genre for a movie, what do you think that would be?

Dhanush: She would like adventure and romance.

PinguMaliz: He would like fiction and action.

Who would be the first to cry while watching a depressing movie?

Dhanush: Her, she would cri-

PinguMaliz: Me 😭

Who is most likely to be a good detective best on their stalking skills?
Dhanush: Me
Pingumaliz: Him
Who is most likely to steal food from Staff Room and run away?

Dhanush: Me :runnn:

PinguMaliz: Haha, that’s him!

– – – – – –

Alright, we have found our culprit and their supporter. Before I proceed to put them in the jail hidden to the depths of Help Force Mines, they would like to say some final words –

Dhanush: Hi guys!! Thank you for your support and for reading our blog!! Make sure to attack @Ru, @PinguMaliz, and @Maya whenever you see them in the general chat! Feel free to let us know if you and your best friend want to be interviewed; we will add you to our list!! I’m so glad that this blog is alive again, and I hope to continue it. WE WANT YOU guys to always support us by reading it!!

PinguMaliz: One of my fav moments during the week is spinning the double trouble wheel with Dhanush to decide our next duo. I am so happy we started doing this together and even more happy we revived the series now this year. Please don’t leave us😭

This Duo Interview has finally reached its end. Aren’t they just adorable? Hehe, I know. I launched this blog, and these two have really nailed keeping alive what I always believed in—”All friendships are just one soul stuck in two crazy bodies.” Keep an eye out for the next duo of friends who grace this stage. But until then, enjoy a few of these hilarious memories below. Your favorite goofball, Ru Emma, signing off…

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