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Sussy Snowy

I’m sure you already know that Snowy is very sus. She led the army for a whole segment of history. Here are a few of her recent sus activities.

I have a lot of evidence of Snowy being sussy. Unfortunately, Snowy does not like me taking screenshots of dms. Therefore I will instead take screenshots of screenshots of dms that I sent in general chat.

Snowy is trying to befriend me. That is rather sus, don’t you think? After all, Snowy is supposed to be married to Mantiuxx. On the topic of Mantiuxx, Snowy is also being sus by cheating on him.

How could Snowy betray her husband? This is not the first time she has cheated on him. At point one, Snowy stated, “I don’t cheat except on Manti”. Cheating is very sus, just ask Choco and he will tell you about all the girls that cheated on him.

Snowy has also been kidnapping people with Maya. For starters, doing things with MayaTheSus already makes you sus. Kidnapping is also illegal and very frowned upon, so kidnapping someone in your bag is kinda sus as well.

Snowy’s crimes have escalated to murder and hiding dead bodies. I can understand the murder, but the hiding of bodies is kinda sus. Crewmates murder people all the time, it’s only impostors that hide bodies. This is clearly evidence that Snowy is the impostor, making her very sus.

Snowy is super skibidi sus. It is important that we remember the susness, and set up countermeasures against it. If you are a woman, simply DM Choco and he will offer protection from Snowy’s susness.


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