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Get To Know Your Staff – Enderlemon

Hello guys! It’s been a while since our staff got Interviewed, so now it’s time to bring back this blog alive! So, from now on I hope to keep posting so you all could know our Amazing Staff Members better! Today I will interview one of our most Recent and lovely General who is called by many names, but we all know her mostly by one name, So please everyone Welcome Enderlemon!!

Heya Ender! How you doing today?

yes hi dhanush, im good hbu?

Im doing great thanks! Can you start by telling us when did you join the Help Force? and how?

I sure can. when i joined hf… noone really knows, it was somewhere around june or july of 2019, idk the date though. I was just playing cpo (which was a rare occurence), and i got recruited into hf during a recruiting seg. I actually joined another army first but their vibes were off so i chose hf over them.

So with which army were you associated before?

well it was only for like… an hour probably, but it was pirates of cpo💀 iykyk

Hahaha So do you have any favorite moments in HF?

favorite moments.. thats a difficult one cuz im forgetful, gimme a min to whip out my screenshots folders..ok sorry took me a sec i have a ton of screenshots
1: me becoming a goose
2: when we all had names saying hi to eachother? idk where it camr from but it was fun
3: chrissys bedtime stories (i wasnt sleeping enough so she was trying to get me to go to bed for once)
4: pretty sure it was hf’s gala? me and chrissy went matching as luz and amity from the owl house
5: just all the times i have in vc with everyone in hf, its the higlight of my day

Hahaha Amazingg! Who do you consider your closest friends in the Community?

if u hadnt guessed by now, chrissy for sure, even tho she is less active nowadays, besides her, jonathan,chicken and zen, but its hard to say cuz i consider a lot of people my friends😭

Has there been any events so far which you consider as a favorite?

im gonna be frank here i dont remember 99% of them…theme weeks are fun tho, like harry potter week and romanian week..I have a bad memory

Haha it’s okay.. So if you had the chance to change something in HF what would it be?

thats a really tough one tbh actually no it isnt…bring the trackers team back…and reopen recruitment segs to the public
Okay so now besides HF…Do you have any hobbies and interests?
–no–..i like gaming from time to time, and once every blue moon i draw, thats about it really, i do spend most of my available time on hf these days..heres concrete proof of that

Oh damn..Which kind of art do you like to draw?

usually nothing of note, i just sketch on any type of paper around, i like drawing penguins or dragons too alot actually..

If you had 2 tickets to go to your favorite concert.. who’s concert would it be and whom will you take with you?

AJR definitly, im not that big on concerts but theyre one of the only bands id pay to see for suuure, as for who id take with me, my little brother 😀 sibling bonding time..smh i have no hf troop that would go with me to an ajr concert

Haha nice AJR fans go and reachout to ender!!.. okay so where and how do you want to see yourself 5 years from now?

where i want to see myself? hf commander obviously :p

Ahaha amazing..Lastly is there anything you want to say to our amazing readers?

yes…To whoever is reading this and made it this far, i love you /p, you are awesome <3 all of u mean a lot to hf and to me so keep at it guys

Thank you for the interview Fera!! We all are excited to see rank up even higher

Yipee!! and uno reverse thank YOU

Well, that’s it for today folks!! I hope you enjoyed reading todays blog! Gogogo and like the blog woohoo! Now I’m gonna go and annoy someone else, until then take care! Signing out for now Ill cya guys next week!

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