Double Trouble: BEASTO and SamMit

Helloo there you lovely helper!! Welcome to the latest edition of your favourite blog, Double Trouble. The series where Dhanush and PinguMaliz hunt out the besties of Help Force, interview them, and test how much they know about each other. For this week we’re interviewing the duo that is behind our amazing Help Force Youtube (which I hope everyone has seen of course), BEASTO and SamMit!

Welcome to the Double Trouble Beasto and SamMit!!

Sam: Thank youuu!

Beasto: Ty for having me with this random man

Sam: I’m inside his walls without even having to pay rent!😄

Haha How do you guys feel being here together?

Beasto: Ik he loves me so he must be excited

Sam: Like I want to destroy a few government-owned buildings, drink some water, forfeit all mortal possessions to Beasto and hug a pillow.

Ru (who just so happens to be here 🙂): My mind swapped the pillow with beasto and it doesn’t read the same in my head 💀

Sam: I mean-

That’s an option too~

Beasto: Am a straight man, so that’s not an option

Ru: We never know

It is indeed pride month

Sam: Dang.


This seems very intresting..Moving along How did yall first met each other?

Sam: I crash-landed.

Beasto: Sounds poetic

Sam: Wait, no, that’s another server.

Beasto: I know Sam since the time he used to talk times in stage with rooboo in 2022 I believe

Sam: Yeah, that was the year. The first iteration of the Zipline Radio Podcast.

Shame it was so short-lived.

Still, it proved to be a nice foundation to go off of.

Beasto: But me and Sam got closer when the HF YouTube official channel got introduced

Which I think was august 2023

Sam: That’s when things really kicked off.

Since then, we’ve been bashing ideas together and working on stuff. (Him mostly.)

So what would be the thing that attracted both of you to start up a conversation for the first time? Or did it just naturally happen

Sam: I do not remember the first time specifically.

My memory ain’t the best record.

I assume it happened naturally.

Beasto: It was natural

Rooboo brought us together to lead the yt

Since Sam has the strong hosting abilities and I have the editing abilities

And since then we got I would say more friends than just YouTube heads

Sam: Oh, obviously. Ever since we started working on things and started to spend more time together, it went up from there.

Oh wow that’s nice! So how do you  uys approach each other in decision-making while making YT Videos?

Sam: I trust Beasto’s judgement on most things. I appreciate being in the know, but most of the time, I don’t really need to provide input on more than just a stray idea that’s a hit or miss.

Beasto: Yea I most take decisions becuz the editor always has some sort of vision to achieve but I have always made it clear that his opinions are as important as mine

And the who wants to be a millionaire show that’s coming to our channel is Sam’s choice of show

Sam: 15 years of nostalgia does that to a mf.

Beasto: With decision-making on the podcast, I give Sam the intro and outro and I give him the set of questions but I always trust his capability to entertain the guest and make it more than just an interview

Sam: The mans has suffered me intentionally going off-script multiple times. I wish I could top the gags from the first few episodes.

I’ll come up with something in due time.

The time when you both probably saw each other on chat for the first time..What were your first impressions on each other?

Beasto: Well In chat we rarely talk but in vc first time I thought he was an American haha and I thought he was from like the Texas places like you know the cowboys people, he sounds like them lmao

Sam: When it comes to the “first”s I don’t remember. What I can say with absolute certainty is that he’s been a pretty chill guy.

Oh s##t, I remember that! I flip-flop with accents, I’ve observed, so I guess he caught me on a southern mood, eh?

Omg yeah even I thought Sam was that cuz of his accent until I got to know he uses different accents time to time! Alright so next question.. Is there any quality you hate about the other person? Or something you would change about the other person?

Also what’s the quality you admire the most about them?

Sam: Beasto.

Beasto: Hmm hate is a big word lmao

Sam: Yeah, that.

I got nothing on that front.

Beasto: I don’t find any hate for anything about Sam

Sam: What I’d gladly say is that I’m simply staggered with how much work the dude puts into stuff.


Beasto: I admire his dedication towards the YT, I do admire how he doesn’t complain as much as many other people I worked with in CPA, and let’s not forget his wonderful and to the point vc leading

Sam: Yipee!

Amazing..So What are your favorite moments in and out HF together?

Beasto: I don’t think we have out hf moments

Considering the hf yt counts as HF

Sam: I would have disagreed, but fine.

Fair enough.

An interview I did, where Beasto and I mucked around the most. I can’t recall which episode specifically.

Beasto: That’s almost all of them 🤣

Sam: 😂

Beasto: Pre Recording HF yt stuff is my fav bit becuz we just making fun of each other and just being normal before the recording button is hit

Sam: Actually, that.

Omg that’s fun to hear! Have you guys ever recommended each other anything and actually done it?

Beasto: He recommended me to check out who wants to be a millionaire

And I did

Sam: Yay!

Beasto recommended that I rework some assets form a WWTBAM project I did some time ago, so we can repurpose them.

That was a nice recommendation. 🙂

Ah amazing! Would you guys like to share our readers some of your work behind the scenes from your YouTube videos?

Sam: Okay, let me get the shovel. We’re going digging.



Beasto: Sam do u have the who wants to be millionaire studio picture

The one I drew

Sam: This one?

Beasto: Well that works ig

That’s the studio in its very initial work

It’s gonna look better than this

Sam: The colours are intentionally made to be distinct.

Beasto: We also have an upcoming YT short which will be uploaded before this post is out

Editor’s note: Go check it out!!!!!!

And am also planning to collect multiple bloopers from recordings of the past and make them in one video

But that’s still in the works

Sam: You were recording (almost) all the test-reads, haven’t you?!

Beasto: Not all

I once almost lost a 1 hour 30 min long recording of a podcast lol

Sam: wot

That’s so amazing! You both work very hard to provide some entertainment and Hype to the people of HF and it’s very admirable..So before we end would you guys like to tell anything to our readers?

Sam: My cat Rudy says “Hi!”

I think.

Beasto: fun fact: Sam doesnt watch most of our videos on the HF YouTube, am sure ur asking why, BECUZ HE HATES HIS VOICE, THIS DUMB MAN, how can u hate such an amazing voice

so Spam his DMs with the appreciation u truly admire about his voice

Editor’s note: GO GO GO SPAM HIM

Sam: Ah.

Beasto, what have you done?




Editor’s note: GO GO GO SPAM HIM TOO

We go down together, partner.



(The average Beasto-Sam conversation be like.)

Thank you for the interview Beasto and SamMit!

Hey SamMit I LOVE YOUR VOICE it’s beyond beautiful and so are you <333 And BEASTO I LOVE YOUR EDITING you’re so bald skilled and absolutely amazing <333

Now that we know some more about this fantastic friendship it’s time to do the Double Trouble Friendship Test to see what they know about each other! It consists of 6 random multiple choice questions the interviewees first have to answer for themselves, and then what they think the other person said. Let’s start with seeing how well SamMit knows Beasto!

What do you prefer? Cooking or baking?

Beasto: Cooking

Sam: Cooking

Would you rather go for a run or to the gym?

Beasto: Gym

Sam: Gym

Do you prefer lol, lmao, or XD?

Beasto: Lmao

Sam: lol

What do you like more? Dark, milk, or white chocolate?

Beasto: White chocolate

Sam: As for Beasto, hmm… dark

What superpower would you rather have? Invisibility, teleportation, mind-reading, or time-travel?

Beasto: Time-Travel

Sam: Mind-Reading

What is your favourite colour?

Beasto: Red

Sam: Uhh… Red?

Well, you got half of them! Good job, Sam.

What do you prefer? Cooking or baking?

Sam: Cooking

Beasto: Cooking

Would you rather go for a run or to the gym?

Sam: Run

Beasto: Gym

Do you prefer lol, lmao, or XD?

Sam: XD

Beasto: XD

What do you like more? Dark, milk, or white chocolate?

Sam: Milk

Beasto: Milk chocolate

What superpower would you rather have? Invisibility, teleportation, mind-reading, or time-travel?

Sam: Depends on the specifics of the time-travel. But assuming that I’ll have to fuck around and find out: Teleportation.

Beasto: Mind Reading

What is your favourite colour?

Sam: Blue. Always Blue. Forever Blue. It’s objectively the BEST colour.

Beasto: Fuck

idk his favorite color i think

Blue (or dark blue)

As Beasto managed to get 4 correct answers, the Youtube duo ended up with a score of 58 %! But their videos are always 100 %. Remember to go show your love for these people by spamming their dms with kind words! We hope you liked today’s post and will see you next week when we get to know a new pair of besties!

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