By Anonymous: The Helpers Guess

Hello and welcome everyone! Today we are having a new twist for the By Anonymous post, some helpers have sent new anonymous messages to some of their friends in the Community, and their friends got the chance to guess who wrote it for them!

How does this work?

Some people got asked to anonymously write something towards some of their friends in the Help Force server, it could be towards one person, a duo, or a group of people. The people that received those messages have to guess who wrote it and here is the twist: they won’t know if their guess is correct or not! :creepymocha~1:


Hey, Rooboo thanks for everything. Before you became Commander you managed to still help me with understanding how being a staff member works and other things I’d need help with, I guess what I’m saying is thank you. ❤️ I believe you, alongside Des can lead this army going forward!


Hello Roo! 😀 sussy This day has come to finally sell choco to you, before you take this person please be aware that he likes chocolate. Have you got a question? hmmm… Well if you do answer it yourself. PS. I’m always watching >:) AND also When are you retiring?

Guess: Foxy

To Desireus

Dear Desireus, I hope your coconut factory is up to its standards and operating well these days. We saw someone revealed your hidden keys to the place, but it was too late to find them because someone had already taken them when we went to check. I just want you to know that you have become an amazing, trustworthy, sincere and loyal friend in the past year of becoming close. We learned alot about each other and I wouldnt change that for the world. I love the memories we made and all those moments in hf from the moment you started loving coconuts. Never change being youself, even if its sus or you staying up late. Stay strong during your times of Commander and irl, we know you will get thru them all and make us all proud. Also, I would probably make another key for your factory, dont know who would try to take over it one day when you retire.

Guess: Mayathefirst

To Mayathefirst

Hi Maya, it’s me again. I hope you remembered not to touch any scissors this week and to eat more than rice and curry. Also I know you won’t but tea with honey helps if you have a headache. Remember if you get too cold you should put on a sweater and go to bed early instead of staying up late and being tired and then complaining about being tired later. Ily and pls give us more cookies.

Guess: Rooboo

Hello Maya. Please hand over the keys to Snowy’s office or bad things will happen to your food. This is not a threat. This is a peaceful “negotiation” that will become less peace peaceful if you refuse. Thanks in advance hot Maya ilysm please give food

Guess: Choco

To Selene

HI LUNA congrats on marshal again, always knew you could reach it :Flower2: You are such a hardworking and brilliant staff member.. always making sure to never make mistakes. MISS UR VCS BTW and your fun little jokes :cutesobs: We need to continue bonk sometime pls ty :prayge~2: AND GET MORE SLEEEEEEEP, take care istg. You are such a genuine and kind person it warms my heart, AND OFC EXPERIENCING US CHAOS TOGETHER WOOP. Admiral when?

Guess: Nene

To JazXD

Jao padhi karo u bitch. Bullet force kehlo and rank up cuz you will have 1v1 me and ill be disappointed in you if you can’t beat me. nooby

Guess: ShadyPanda

To Lisa

For lisa, I love telling you the wackiest stories and spamming you with long chaotic incidents that happen in my life. It became a habit at some point but I enjoyed telling you things in that way, its quite fun. I can’t believe the number of times you have stood up for me and I would do the same any time. Another day another slay lisa, all the best in uni 😀

Guess: Plotter


hey beasto, we didn’t have the opportunity to talk more, which is unfortunate. I do wish to amend this as I will be leaving HF on Monday. Coz yk reasons but i want u to ask those reasons etc.

Guess: I don’t even know anymore

Bonus message to everyone in the Help Force:

to the lovelies of hf, i am so happy to have met you all and have as part of my life now. it gives me a sense of gratification to be a part of and watch each one’s personal growth. we all came here because of an online penguin game, but our bond is what has kept us together. the talks, the jokes, the laughter, the games, the friendships. i hope we can all help each other by listening, understanding, respecting, and sharing joy and kindness. i wanna thank you all for the fond memories and the laughs and wondeful messages that have uplifted me on my bad days. stay frosty :yolo: :EH~2:

DM me your guess, who do you think wrote this? (The first one to guess it will get a special reward)

That’s it for today amazing people! Make sure to like and comment below if you enjoyed reading the post, and DM me the word “Anonymous” if you want to participate in the next post! see you next time 😀

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