Chocoist Revolt in Hot Chocolate

After Choco, the leader of the revolution, died, we all lost hope. Who would lead us? Who would liberate us from our ACP overlords? But then something happened that would spark revolution once again. Through the power of women, Choco managed to revive himself.

Cheers echoed through the streets as news of Choco’s revival flooded the town. The revolution was back, however, things had to change, or else ACP would easily be able to crush the revolt like last time. Choco thought long and hard, his skill issue making coming up with an idea difficult. After a couple of hours, Choco thought of an idea. Chocoism.

From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs. Chocoism will be the victor of this revolution. The Military Revolutionary Chocmittee was quickly created to expel ACP from Hot Chocolate. People quickly enlisted in the Military Revolutionary Chocmittee, joining the Chocolate Army. To ensure that there were no traitors in the revolution, Choco placed his loyal friends as Chocosars of various key organisations. Choco hired his best friend, Panda Protsky, as the Chocosar of War to ensure loyalty in the Chocolate Army.

The people of Hot Chocolate worked together, eating the ACP soldiers and hiding the fuel for Calgo’s Murder Bus army. In response, Calgo issued a state of emergency, sending in his remaining forces to put down the uprising. More and more green soldiers were sent, all of which were easily defeated by the Chocolate Army. This upset Mayarensky, the ACP officer in charge of occupying Hot Chocolate, who then ordered the town to be blown up.

The sky was spitting bombs, forcing the Chocolate Army into hiding. The more the Chocolate Army resisted, the more bombings Mayarensky ordered. Choco decided that something had to be done or else the revolution would fail once again. Half of the town was destroyed with millions of chocolate civilians being killed. Choco decided that this revolution needed to end. If the battle were to continue, the Chocolate Army will continue to lose, which would result in the people replacing Choco with another leader. Choco had to end this battle, or else he would lose all of his power.

The next day, Choco met with Calgo to negotiate a peace treaty. Calgo wanted 1/3 of Hot Chocolate. Choco didn’t want to lose so much land, but he had no choice. He could either agree to Calgo’s terms or refuse and watch Mayarensky continue to blow up his armies. Choco reluctantly agreed to the terms, ending the battle. At last, Hot Chocolate was now somewhat back to its original glory. All they needed to do was to take back the 1/3 that Calgo has. Maybe with the power of women, Choco could accomplish that. His dms are open to anyone that would like to help.

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