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Chocoist Revolt in Hot Chocolate

After Choco, the leader of the revolution, died, we all lost hope. Who would lead us? Who would liberate us from our ACP overlords? But then something happened that would spark revolution once again. Through the power of women, Choco managed to revive himself.

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Citizens of Hot Chocolate are Revolting

The citizens of the Army of Club Penguin occupying Hot Chocolate have had enough of ACP’s shenanigans. The citizens are revolting because ACP stole all of the showers, turning the chocolate civilians into smelly imposters. The citizens are also revolting in the form of strikes and aggressive licking.

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Choco’s Sussiest Moments

Choco, everybody’s favourite chocolate bar, is known for his cannibalistic tendencies and his desire for women. Choco often says sus things. While these things are sus, they are even sussier when taken out of context. Here is a collection of Choco’s sussiest moments.

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ACP Commits War Crimes in Hot Chocolate

The residents of Hot Chocolate cower in fear as the green army rampages through their peaceful town. The casualties of this unjust and cruel invasion exceed 1 million chocolate bars. To make matters worse, this is not the first time that ACP has terrorized an innocent town. No amount of destruction will satisfy these green Terrors.

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Penguins Rise Up Against Abusive Leader: The Anti-Calgo Coalition

Calgo, the infamous Leader of the Army of Club Penguin is hiding a dark secret. His crimes include cannibalism, abuse, and several war crimes against the coconuts. To stop this tyrant, the Anti-Calgo Coalition have made an ultimatum.

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Chocoist Manifesto

For years, our commanders have had complete control over the food supplies. They have on several occasions, withheld food from the staff, causing famine across our glorious, gracious motherland. I am calling all helpers to unite to stop these food-hoarding bandits. We have nothing to lose but our hunger.

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Entire Village Enslaved: Human Rights Violations at Valhalla

Once a peaceful and booming town, Valhalla has now turned into a blazing slum of despair. Villagers who once had rights were now imprisoned in their own homes and enslaved. Animals who used to live luxuriously in their open fields have now been locked up in 1 block cages, where their children are drowned in lava and eaten. How did such a cruel thing happen in the world of Minecraft?

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Maya the Imposter

It was another day in the Help Force. The troops were eating food. The staff were trying to eat food. And Maya was being sus as usual. On this particular day, the army fancied a game of Among Us as part of their Sussy Maya event, so a 1 imposter game featuring Choco, Jo, Desireus, Maya, Snowy, Rooboo, and sussy Wynn was created.

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Greetings Helpers! Today we logged onto CPABattleground to have our Shrek-themed event! Everyone got dressed as Shrek as we go on whining about the crazy fairy tail characters invading our swamp! Huge thanks to everyone attending, till the next one!

Max: 20+

Comment below if you attended!

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