Meet The Helpers

The helpers of our glorious, gracious motherland come in different shapes and sizes. The Help Force world is just as diverse, with the helpers residing in many different environments. Let’s meet the helpers!

Desireus can be found at his coconut plantation. Des uses this plantation to grow and sell coconuts to fund his coconutmobile project. Don’t be fooled by his innocent looks. Des secretly uses his coconut plantation to launder money. Furthermore, Des also uses his coconut plantation to produce cookies. Cookies grow on his cookie trees. This poses a risk to our economy, as it destroys the commanders’ monopoly on cookie production.

Choco is everyone’s favourite chocolate bar. Choco resides in the land of Hot Chocolate, a place that was recently returned to us by ACP. Choco is like Des in that he also commits crimes to make money. In fact, Choco extorts the people of Hot Chocolate every day to make millions of sapphires. Choco was once the hero of Hot Chocolate, but now he is the ruthless dictator of Hot Chocolate. Sounds like a nice person. You should visit him sometime. Especially if you’re a woman. His dms are open btw.

We have made it to the greatest. Now you might ask, who is the greatest? To that, I despise you. Everyone knows who the greatest is. Elp is the greatest. Elp resides on Great Mountain, where he can watch over the motherland.

Elp is not the only one that resides on Great Mountain. Calgo, Coolguy, and AustinTaxFraud also reside on the mountain.

While these people are not helpers, they are our glorious, gracious allies. They enjoy this mountain, as it makes it easy to dispose of their staff. ACP has the highest staff abuse rate out of all of the armies, so it’s only natural that they would enjoy a place that makes abuse easy.

Good for them that they reside in Elp’s blindspot, otherwise it would be an instant ban for them. Talking about bans, you all need to come to Help Force world. You need to come here and visit Elp. Although Elp dislikes visitors, he will make an exception for glorious, gracious helpers. So make sure to visit Great Mountain. Also, Choco’s dms are still open. Please consider it.



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