Huge US Stamp Event

Hey Helpers! Yesterday, we logged on CP Rewritten for a US timed stamp event.

We logged on CPR and first wore the Pizza Apron and Chef hat. Our first stamp was happy room in Snow Forts. After that, we moved to the Pizza Parlor for the pizza emote stamp. We then switched to the tree costume for the tree mob stamp. Keep unleashing the power of stamps! Click continue reading for more photos from the event.

MAX: 25+


How To: Stamps(Insanity)

Hey guys,

If you have ever gotten bored on CPR or even done something and randomly seen “stamp collected” with a logo of something on the top-right of your screen, well then you have found a STAMP!

With a few pictures we “borrowed” from the CPR Wiki, we shall explain to you what these stamps are and how to get the hardest ones


Weekend Party HF CPO

segment stamp Hello Everyone , HelpForce of CPO logged in Zipline to host their Weekend Party Today !
The Best Army in CPO – HF CPO , Filled the Iceberg with their Formations and tactics and also made their Members get some Difficult Stamps : )