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Why Dinamo are the True Winners

Team Steaua managed to “win” Romania Week, but they are not the true winners. Rather than playing sudoku, team Dinamo decided to fight, managing to win the battle. This is why team Dinamo are the true winners.

Romania Week traumatised the helpers of our glorious, gracious motherland. The spelling bee in particular gave us an immense fear of pastarnac.

Despite the rigged games team Steaua hosted, team Dinamo persevered, awaiting the battle. Game after game, Steaua rigged the results through sheer numbers rather than skill. This is evident in the fact that several of their troops took over 10 minutes to complete an easy sudoku.

Team Dinamo is the more skilled team. They won the battle against Steaua, proving this to be true. They outperformed Steaua in a game of skill, making them clearly superior.

If Steaua were the true winner, why did they lose the battle? They were only better at being bigger. When it came down to skill, Steaua had a skill issue, allowing team Dinamo to win the battle.

The result was rigged and biased. Steaua only won through size, not skill. This is why team Dinamo are the true winners.

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