[AUSIA] Mops Unleashed

Howdy, Helpers! Back again with our mops and buckets on CPRewritten, server Zipline! Because it was time for spring cleaning, Aoao, Swager, Amy and Barnito led the mopping gang around the island where we practised various tactics and formations! All in all, we made some new friends as well! Hope you all enjoyed today’s event! You were all great! Thank you for attending!

Max: 49+

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[AUSIA] Caffeine Overpowered

Hey Helpers! Today we logged back onto CPR for the [AUSIA] Caffeine Overpowered event. We witnessed some brew-tiful coffee related tactics and more fast paced formation changes and emotes. The rooms used included the Town, Stadium, Inside Mine and Iceberg. The event was lead by Barnito and Chloe. Thanks for coming, and see you at the next event!


Max: 42+

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[AUSIA/EU INT] Operation: Bugged Bunnies

Hi, hi Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a [AUSIA/EU INT] Operation: Bugged Bunnies! The event went really good and we all had a lot of fun wearing a costume of creepy bunny! Amy, Ao, Wynn, Barnito and Ayan led a great deal of amazing tactics in Stadium, Iceberg, Docks, Inside Mine and Forest! Hope you came to sit beside us and made some good memories! See you next time!

Max: 43+

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[AUSIA/EU/INT] Operation: Heist

Greetings Helpers! Today we logged on to CPRewritten for a marvelous event! We did loads of fun tactics, emotes and formations. The event was led by Nell, Slush and Ru! Fantastic job today helpers!

MAX: 53+ 

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged on to CPRewritten for some battle training! We did fun tactics, emotes, and beautiful formations! The Event was led by Slush, Skillz, Ru and Joe! Amazing Job today helpers! See you all at the battle! 

MAX: 40+

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[AUSIA/EU INT] Shamrock Training

Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for some battle training! We practiced formations and tactics at Iceberg, Stadium and Docks! Thank you for leading Ru, Joe and Snow! Great job everyone, keep it up and see you at the next battle training! March Madness is ours!

Max: 40+

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[AUSIA] Miner Takeover

Greetings Fam!! Today, we all gathered on Club Penguin Rewritten for a fabulous event i.e. [AUSIA] Miner Takeover. We all went digging and had so much fun. The helpers responded with enthusiasm and spontaneity to the very well leading by Amy and Ru. Everyone did superb tactics and formations as we went around at Town, Iceberg, and Docks.

Have a glance at it below and make sure to join our next event for more fun! 💙

MAX: 35+

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Howdyyy Pizza Lovers! Today we logged onto CPR actually to eat. Oops I mean we logged onto CPR for the amazing AUSIA event led by Wynn, Nelly, and Slushy and we really had fun with numerous tactics and formations as we moved through the Stadium, the Pizza Parlor, and the Docks! Get a peek of the event from the pictures below and come along and join us next time for even more fun!:wink:

Max: 36+

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[AUSIA] Formation & Speed Practice on CPR

Howdy Fam! Today we acknowledged another amazing event on Club Penguin Rewritten, [AUSIA] Formation & Speed Practice. Many of the new helpers were guided and performed very well at the Forest, Stadium, and Docks. The event was led by one of the best staff Jayden, Nell, and Ru.

Have a glance at it below and thank you for coming!

MAX: 26+

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[AUSIA] Stress Testing on NewCP

Heyo Helpers! We’re back again for a event on a CPPS we haven’t tried before, New Club Penguin! We logged onto Zipline server for our army training! We did a lot of fun formations, tactics and emotes at the . We had a great time at the event today! Thank you everyone for coming, amazing job today!

Max: 24+

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