Greetings Helpers! Today we logged onto Battleground of CPAB to have our one and only Curry event! Huge thanks to Wynn, RU and Alex for leading in today’s event. Thank you to all of the curry enthusiasts that attended, make sure to comment below that you love curry!

MAX: 28+

Comment below if you attended!

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Greetings folks! Hope you all love Kermit as much as I do and that you had a great time at the Kermit Takeover today! Thank you all for joining us, make sure to comment below if you attended and tell Desireus, and Diwix who led how much you appreciate them! Mahna Mahna!

MAX: 26+

Comment below if you attended!

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Hello, all the cars, bikes, horses and UFOs! Today we all logged onto the server Battleground for a fun event and a huge race across the Island! First Delitagar and ROOBOO led a great training part at the Ice Rink and Iceberg and then Desireus started the historical race. Congratulations Joe, Zen and Pantera who were the fastest, and thank you all for coming! Hope you had as much fun as Des in the VC!

MAX: 27+

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Heyya Helpers, if you heard that we were attacked on CPAB – Icebreaker by Army of Club Penguin impersonated as Monsters to scare us during our slumber party, you heard it right. Imagine you had a long slavery day working at the mines and you lie your back on a nice warm bed and suddenly get attacked. But not to worry because our commander Wynn came to the rescue and scared them off.

Do you think our allies got possessed? Or was it because today is Friday the 13th?

Comment below if you got attacked and what do you think about it?!

MAX: 20+

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Battleground of CPAB for a practice battle against our allies the Ice Warriors! The battle initiated at docks and went through several rooms including Iceberg, Snow Forts and ended at an extra room, Stadium due to some technical difficulties experienced by the judges and some of our troops. Nevertheless, through all the hassle we managed to score a 1-2-0 win! GG to the Ice Warriors. Huge thanks to Alex, Diwix and Desireus for leading throughout the battle and thank you to all who attended!

Max: 25+

Comment below the post if you attended!

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Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto CPAB for a fun battle training session to prepare for Sunday’s Battle against IW! We did some tactics at Stadium and Iceberg! Thank you Wynn and Desireus for leading! Hope to see you all at the battle tomorrow!

MAX: 30+

Comment below for promotions if you attended!

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Hey Helpers! Today our AUSIA Helpers logged onto CPAB for a fun event! We did some great tactics wearing the weirdest outfits we could come up with and then hosted a Fashion Show. Hope you all had fun, thank you Alex for leading and Des for hosting the show!

MAX: 30+

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Hello Everyone! Today we started the new era and for the first time logged onto CPA Battleground. We were also the first army to test that new server. Thank you everyone for coming and Diwix, Desireus and Yoda for leading!

MAX: 34+ 

Comment below for promotions! 

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Well, hello hello helpers, in our most recent event we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten with our fancy outfits for this dazzling fashion contest! Thank you all for attending, and great job today helpers.

MAX: 41+

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Greetings, Helpers! On March 20th we logged on to our glorious gracious motherland’s capital Zipline for a Holi event. The theme for the event was of course, colourful clothes. Everyone had a great time in the event! (except for Swager and Jakuba who got muted, rip) Thank you to Desireus and Scorp (oo that’s me) for leading 😀 Btw we learned a very valuable lesson today that Joe thinks of people as chairs.

MAX: 33+

Comment your Discord Name and Rank below if you attended!

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