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Welcome back fellow penguin Helpers to another week on the Face of the Force, an amazing corner to learn about different members of the Help Force! This week we are catching up with a new helper who has long held their dedication to the Help Force! Introduced on this week’s face is a new but not so new, Jakuba!

Jakuba is known as the biggest trollo, quite engaging in hosting fun games outside of Help Force events, and admittedly the biggest monkey lover! Jakuba has been in helper since last year, but has not been active until his new account. Read on more to find more about his current pursuits in karate!

Potatolover: How are you doing jakuba? How was your day like?

Jakuba: I’m doing ok, just tired from training and school

Potatolover: How long have you been in the help force btw? What made you join?

Jakuba: I was in this server on a deleted account since last year, but i have been in this group on this account for over a month

Potatolover: I’m sorry to hear about the hacking, that seems like a hassle :(( 

You said that you weren’t so active before in HF, what was the turning point where you decided to become active?

Jakuba: Sooo, when my account got hacked, i realized I was banned from half of the serves I was in for posting links I didn’t send just the hacker

but I think Mandal invited me to HF on this account because I added all the friends I had on that account to this account. He invited me to HF and when he did I just joined the server and started talking because I realized that the people are chill and cool so I became active

Potatolover: It somehow came back to you in a circle right? That’s a long and fascinating story!

So I remember you said training right? Which martials arts is it?

Jakuba: I train karate. We have 2 types of karate: kata and kumite. So in kata, you just show a combination of moves, but in kumite there’s a 1v1 fight.

Actually ima show you a video of a kata i’m supposed to do in a tournament

Potatolover: Oh nice! This is so amazing, thank you for sharing this!

My last question is regarding what you are looking forward to the most being in HF? After all, you just reconnected haha

Jakuba: I just want to meet new people and make friends tbh that I can talk to

Potatolover: Ah yeah! HF is also nice because you can make new friends and learn about different people!

That’s it for this week’s face of the force! Thanks for making it to the end, be sure to run into Jakuba and spread your love and support for his next tournament. Remember to leave a comment below if you enjoyed reading, see you need time fellow Helpers!

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