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Hey Helpers! Welcome to the newest edition of “How Would You Help”. A series dedicated to bringing you through the eyes of the HF Staff Team. Tricky questions are asked to our staff, whether it be about Recruiting, Events, or even CPRewritten. I ask questions that should hopefully give you a little insight on what the staff of HF do!

To celebrate the revival of this series, I decided to ask the 3 highest rankers of our Staff team, Barnito, our Commander, Nell, our LiT and Joe our Admiral this question

What would you do if a member was troop stealing from an other army into Help Force even after a warning was already issued to them for doing it.

First, I asked Barnito, and this is what he said would be his reaction

With another warning and if they still persist, they will be banned permanently from the HF Recruitment Division and can no longer participate in it. Along with the removal of a considerable amount of Sapphires.

Next up, Nell

Troop stealing is an issue we always try to avoid, especially during recruitment segments. Sure, there might be relatively new members who might DM the wrong people, but we always have a conversation with them and explain how recruitment actually works in order to avoid any kind of tension between armies. If an experienced troop was caught trying to troop steal and was warned but they continued it anyway, after talking to the leader of the respective army about the situation and apologizing, I’d have another conversation with our member. We can’t warn them forever. If they chose to ignore things again, they would probably be kicked from the server. Rejoining would mean that they apologized, understood clearly that troop stealing isn’t allowed and that they wouldn’t do it again.

Finally, Admiral Joe

well, i would probably inform the leaders/Hcom from the other army about it. Then if they continued even after that i would kick them.

3 drastically different responses from our 3 leaders, but with the same outcome, a kick/demotion. Troop Stealing is something we staff at HF take very seriously, it’s wrong, it’s stupid. When you troop steal, it shows that you are way too lazy to get your own recruits, or sometimes it looks like you recruit just for the sapphires. It’s great to see that our staff are prepared for this situation as it’s very unpredictable.

So, it seems like we’ve come to the end of first edition of How Would You Help! Join us next month where we interview the newer members of our staff team! Keep Unleashing the Power of Helping!

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