Howdy Ghosts and Skeletons! Today we logged onto CPR for the last event of ’21 HF’s Halloween Theme Week! Hope you enjoyed the fun tactics, a branch battle between the two teams, and a treasure hunt at the end! Everyone wore their best spooky outfits and had a great time at this huge party! Thank you everyone for leading and Scorp for organizing it!

MAX: 22+

Comment below if you came to the party!

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Spooktacular HF-lloween!

Ghostly Greetings Helpers! It’s surprising how 2021 has ended up so far especially with the fact that many of us are resuming back to our pre-Covid situations, be it school, university, or work. Knowing that most of you have started decorating your houses with a variety of Jack-O-Lanterns, hay bales, scarecrows, and autumn leaves adorning the porches, doorways, and your yards for parties, it all sounds a tad bit exciting, doesn’t it? So first of all, wishing each one of you a very FaBOOlous Halloween this year!

The surprises we are bringing you for Halloween this year are exciting and spooky as well!

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