The Tabber Twins: A War of Terms

“A criminal is twice a criminal when he adds hypocrisy to his crime” —Marie Corelli

Aren’t the criminals in our society ever so outrageous? Stepping out into the sunlight bolder than decent men, going around committing crimes believing they will never be caught, and at the same time pretending they still have the tiniest sliver of morals.

The Help Force hereby officially accepts the Water Vikings’ declaration of war. 

Brother Allies In Using Invalid Terms

The Water Vikings, brother allies to the Silver Empire, have declared war against us. Just like the inexperienced Silvers, the Vikings are attempting to enforce their will upon the entire community through a war post. The Help Force denies the validity of the fourth and fifth term in the declaration, and will fight the war accordingly. 

You cannot pick and choose who you war with. This decision never was in any army’s power, never is, and never will be. Moreover, the term makes a mockery out of CP Army Network, suggesting that armies under their league can make unique terms that violate the universal rules of this community without any action from the governing body. What next? Are you going to add war terms like “Only vegans can attend the battle for the opposing army,” while CPAN watches the fight go on with no intervention? This was definitely not expected from a veteran army with such reputed names, but if you want to burn your own reputation then so be it. Keep engaging in The Horseplay Of Modern CP Warfare, but know that it will bring no benefit to you while this community still has a moral code. 

The controversial term in Water Viking’s declaration.


Here comes another multilogging question against the Western Bloc armies. It shouldn’t even be surprising at this point, considering their motto is “Aut viam inveniam aut ​faciam tibi” – which translated from Latin means “Either find a way or make one yourself.” Using a respectable language to hide your multilogging agenda does not make it correct.

Below, you can find potential evidences which might suggest that the WV leader, Mistymoonlake, multi-logged on several occasions, including the Champions Cup Final battle.

Misty uses an alternate account with the name, PeachPie33. In the pictures attached below, you can see her acknowledging that both her main and alt logged in at the same time.

Misted Multilogging

It might be possible that she lent the account for someone else to use. Proving that shouldn’t be difficult if it’s legitimate, and we will keenly wait for you to provide proper evidence that disregards these allegations.

Hypocrites citing no multilogging terms after doing it themselves, no wonder you and SE are brother allies. Wonder if this automatically ends the war since you’ve condoned multilogging during a war battle.

Before the emotionally driven locals start yapping about the accusations, and how it should’ve been submitted earlier, we are the Help Force, not the Crime Patrol Force.

It is the duty of the respective leagues to check that the rules of their tournament are not violated; but as usual, they continue to prove themselves incompetent and lacking in professionalism.

Upcoming Invasions

Invasion of Avalanche: Thursday, 28th October 2021 – 3:00 PM EST

Signing Off,

Help Force Commanders

4 Responses

  1. lmao lol get fucked

  2. bring it on

  3. I have more concrete evidence showing WV multilogging, hit me up on discord. Potassium#3964

  4. […] member of the Templars with a link to the Help Force‘s declaration of war, which can be found here. In the post, the Help Force accuses members of the Water Vikings Leadership of multilogging on one […]

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