[EDITORIAL] The Horseplay of Modern CP Warfare

“As you make your bed, so you must lie in it.”

ZIPLINE, Ayan’s Office — With the community needing pinches of motivation, there is no doubt in our minds that this pack is slowly wasting away every single day. The modern warfare terms have done nothing but add an icing to this cake of termination.

Before we dive into this topic, I’d like to clear out some things. First, war terms in armies are necessary. Why? Because it binds the fronts in an organized combat. Rogue declarations and dealings have always proved to be fatal for the community. Second, my motive in this post is not to call someone out unnecessarily but to make you ponder on why some terms might cause the eventual death of the army scenario. So let’s get into this cesspool of modern warfare terms, shall we?

War… but not?

Silver Empire declared war on us a few days ago. Binding us with their word ploy, it was pretty evident who the new generation Shakespeares were. Army A declares war on Army B. How should it play out? Well, according to our silver friends, the engagement should just lie within that duo and deny interference of a third party. Fair enough.

One of Silver Empire’s war terms.

You don’t like being third partied. No one else should dare to touch you if you’re in a squabble currently. How do you call it a war if it’s just scheduled battles between two fronts with no risk of a third involvement? At that point, you might as well call it a two army tournament.

Penguin Laureates

Right when I thought these terms couldn’t get worse, a screenshot came flying my way. I needed to read it thrice because of it’s complex sentence structure, which was too difficult for my brain to comprehend.

Pandor, WAP Creator

After much deliberation with my close associates, we finally reached to a conclusion. What the f***?

Not only is that term depreciative for the community, but the sole fact that you could think so far about it, makes me commend your effort. That too, wasn’t the end. If you want to look like the next Socrates, atleast try to act for it.

If the community allows this sort of war terminology to go uncontested, you might as well give the army using the term a free pass to start committing unethical practices like troop stealing. Such a term definitely grants them invulnerability from war, which is the normal form of justice when such unpleasant interactions happen between armies.

Anyways, moving forward. How does all of this have an effect on the community as a whole? Well, the answer is simple. The more you complicate things, the worse it becomes. War terms, endorsed by leagues, are a concept which came to life in CPPS armies. Terms serve well to wars because they bind the armies in an organized combat. Armies which lose simply cannot claim victory, and that eliminates the rogue chaotic factor in the community. But where do we draw the line to these terms?

A friend of mine had published a post regarding the excessive politicization of CP Armies (here). Following the same theory, the more we complicate this, the lesser army-like this community becomes. Can we even be called armies with this scenario in place? You may think you are being smart with your words, but these sort of terms have been used in armies before. The experiment resulted in many people vocalizing their thoughts on this, and the answer remains the same. It does nothing but rob the community of it’s armed ethics. Stop pushing the community into an isolated corner.

Not only will it reduce the amount of needed conflicts, but also instill a fear in the next generation of war itself. The solution? Keep your terms to something which only binds the armies in conflict, and not everyone else. We need to move in a direction where everyone stands up for themselves. We need to go back to a phase where your effort determines the outcome, and not your command on english alphabets. I urge all army leaders to ponder about the modern terms, otherwise all we’re gonna be left is with huge war declarations and pizzatron 3000 groups.

Take it as you may.


Help Force Creator & Legend

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