How Can We Reclaim Hot Chocolate

The land of Hot Chocolate was unfairly stolen from us by the Army of Club Penguin quite some time ago. Nell, the judge at ACP’s invasion of Hot Chocolate, who recently joined ACP, was bribed by Calgo into giving Hot Chocolate to ACP. With the outbreak of war, it is finally our time to strike. We will reclaim Hot Chocolate.

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The Tabber Twins: A War of Terms

“A criminal is twice a criminal when he adds hypocrisy to his crime” —Marie Corelli

Aren’t the criminals in our society ever so outrageous? Stepping out into the sunlight bolder than decent men, going around committing crimes believing they will never be caught, and at the same time pretending they still have the tiniest sliver of morals.

The Help Force hereby officially accepts the Water Vikings’ declaration of war. 

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