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How Can We Reclaim Hot Chocolate

The land of Hot Chocolate was unfairly stolen from us by the Army of Club Penguin quite some time ago. Nell, the judge at ACP’s invasion of Hot Chocolate, who recently joined ACP, was bribed by Calgo into giving Hot Chocolate to ACP. With the outbreak of war, it is finally our time to strike. We will reclaim Hot Chocolate.

The war against the Blue Sunset Alliance will give us the perfect opportunity to take back Hot Chocolate. We have, however, made the unfortunate mistake of allying with ACP. This will make it harder to reclaim Hot Chocolate, as we cannot directly take it from them. Although it will be tough, there is a way to take back Hot Chocolate once and for all.

We will amass an army full of hundreds of experienced soldiers. Our tanks will cut through Water Viking divisions like a knife cutting through butter. Their troops will have nowhere to run as our lightspeed, guitar-wielding troops quickly flank and encircle them.

We will take all their land and then we’ll march on their capital. As we approach the gates of their capital, we won’t take it. Instead, we will stop our advance, instead, initiating our plan to retake Hot Chocolate.

This places ACP in a very vulnerable spot. We are just about to take Water Viking’s capital, but without HF’s massive armed forces, ACP will not be able to. This allows us to “negotiate” with ACP regarding Hot Chocolate’s sovereignty. We will demand that ACP give us Hot Chocolate. In return, we will win the war for them. Sounds like a fair deal. However, we cannot get to this point without building up our military strength.

For our glorious motherland, we must strengthen our forces, to dominate our enemies in the Great Patriotic War. Some grave sacrifices must be made to accomplish this.

The first thing we need to do is to imprison all the visitors and force them into collective farms. These visitors will then produce all the food we need for the war effort.

Now that food is no longer an issue, we just need as much manpower as possible. Roblox recruits would be the best way to do this. Cheap, fast, and plentiful. They are the perfect choice of recruits. If we force every staff member to recruit 100 people a day, we will have a hundred thousand in no time.

All that’s left to do is to train the troops. We need a fast and effective training method. We need something or someone that can motivate the troops to train and train and train. That person is Choco, everybody’s favorite chocolate bar. Choco will motivate the troops, bringing these thousands of recruits to a whole new level of skill. While Choco has many skill issues, these troops will have none, as they will have learnt what not to do. These troops could even get women. Choco will also pass down to the troops his many defining qualities such as tastiness, lovability, and charisma.

Now that we have fully trained troops, we can carry out our plan. We will definitely take back Hot Chocolate, no matter the cost. Although this tactic is a lot more complicated than just warring ACP, it will work. It must work. We must take Hot Chocolate back. We will win the Great Patriotic War.


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