How To: Stamps(Extreme)

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In case you haven’t already checked out our How To: Stamps(Insanity), it tells you how to get the hardest few stamps and even tells you what stamps in CPR are.

Well if you are wondering what the 2nd hardest set of stamps are… well they are the EXTREME STAMPS! Let’s jump in and get them stamps!
There are 37 stamps that have the ‘Extreme’ tag and are red color. Here we are going to tell you how to collect these wonderful stamps. That’s right, ALL 37 OF THEM.
We will go category wise with our first category being the event stamps.

Event Stamps

Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic Stamp
Be in the same room as Aunt Arctic

Sensei Stamp

Sensei Stamp
Be in the same room as Sensei
Well, we could continue with a bunch more of these characters but will just be downright boring huh? So here are all the remaining characters you need to be in the same room to collect these stamps.

Rookie stamp


Herbert Stamp


DJ Maxx Stamp

DJ Maxx

Jet Pack Guy Stamp

Jet Pack Guy

Dot Stamp




  • The difficulty of a character stamp is most likely based on how many times a mascot will likely appear in a calendar year.
  • There are no character stamps with easy difficulty.
  • There are no character or party stamps with insanity difficulty.
  • If you meet PH, the stamp notification shows it as easy, but in the stamp book, the stamp is hard.
  • If you meet Rory, the stamp notification shows it as extreme, but in the stamp book, the stamp is hard.
  • The ID number for character stamps ranges from 7 to 4678.
  • The DJ Maxx, Jet Pack Guy, Dot and Rory stamps are new stamps created by Club Penguin Rewritten.

Well just when you thought the event stamps are over.


There is a second page to your events section in your stamp book;

Party Stamps

Epic Volunteer Stamp

Epic Volunteer Stamp

Spend 10,000 coins on the coins for donation.

Activity Stamps

We move onto the next set of stamps which involve activities. in case you are curious, the shape of these stamps is spheres!

Soccer Team Stamp

Form a team with 5 penguins in the same jersey.

Party Host Stamp

Host an igloo party for 30 penguins.

Ninja Meeting Stamp

Meet 10 Black Belts in the ninja hideout.

Island Guardian Stamp

Earn 50 RPF Medals.

730 Days! Stamp

730 Days Stamp
Log in with a penguin that is 730 days or older.

Well, that does it for our extreme stamps… You must be wondering “hey Jayden you said there were going to be 37 stamps!” Well yes, you are right!! If I made a post that went on forever you would get bored right? So, you will see the rest of the stamps soon!!
P.s. The remaining stamps are all game stamps.
Well, I must bid my goodbyes to you! Keep Helping!!

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