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Hey helpers! It’s Fly here, writing a new edition of HF’s Inside Out. If you’re wondering what this contains, it involves VERY deep secrets of those in HF high command. It’s guaranteed that you will have a good laugh while reading this.

Disclaimer: This post and those in this series are rated PG-13 due to mild swearing, and indirect references which are intended to be jokes and agreed upon by the person whom the article is about.

If you are old enough to handle content within the PG-13 age category, click continue reading to read more!

Ayan’s Retirement “Fun

I think we all wonder what our former leader Ayan has been up to with his newly free days after retiring. To answer all of your questions about Ayan’s new “hobbies”, our reporters have gone above and beyond to find out what exactly has Ayan getting down and dirty.

I’ve conducted lots of research and interviews to figure out how Ayan is spending his time. Unfortunately, I was not able to interview him directly because he was screwing around at the time.


1. It’s important to note that Ayan is supposedly in a serious CPO relationship with former HF mod, Kiara753. They got married in March and currently have four children as well. (Rock, Flypin, Bestpenguin, and Tanjo) The pair has been through quite a lot, especially from the time they overstuffed themselves with pizza. They filled each other up with snacks under the table, all night long.

2. Ayan is known to have cheated on Kiara in the past. He is someone who truly enjoys sleeping. (Though not in the same fashion as Kava:huehue:) Photos have been sent to me by anonymous sources from old group chats. Here we have some proof that Ayan cheated on Kiara:

Including proof of Ayan cheating before his retirement, our reports have also found out that he’s been going on dates after retirement!

3. Besides Ayan’s rocky marriage, habits of cheating, and strange enjoyments and offers, he has a habit of giving biology lessons. Why this random hobby? I don’t think I’m entirely sure, but let’s dive into what he regularly teaches. My favorite lesson of Ayan’s explains the circle of life. It starts out with him explaining that you use the word “banana” because it’s meant to be eaten as well as inserted into a cave. He described bananas entering caves and how that becomes very entertaining and pleasing as you grow older. This leads to more banana seeds, the seeds of life. Some prefer banana and banana or cave and cave, though whatever you choose, you find pleasure in these activities.

I hope you all have enjoyed the discovery of Ayan’s secret habits. You never know, there may be some more to come… I’ll report it to you all, from the inside, all the way out. :E7:


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