CPOnline Guide: Earn Coins Quickly!

Running low on coins? Don’t fear, there’s plenty of ways to get that number up again. There is no instant way to earn coins, but with the methods in this guide, you’re guaranteed to earn coins in the quickest known way possible!

1. Codes
Codes are made by the CPO staff during special events or milestones, and some codes include coin prizes! Here are some that still work: DISCORD10K , CPONLINE500K , CPISLAND , MERRYCHRISTMAS , 1MILLION300

2. Games
As you know, games give coins. If you make the best out of it, you can get up to 1,000 coins in one round! The best games in my opinion for earning coins are Catchin’ Waves, Cart Surfer and Pizza Tron 3000. My personal favorite is Cart Surfer. It is quick, easy and if you have all the stamps and do the right tricks you can earn up to 500 coins in under 2 minutes!

3. Mod Meetups!
This one is not as often used as others. Mod meetups are held quite often by the moderators of CPO and are announced on the discord server. You can win not only coins but also items!


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  1. nice help force is good thank you
    for telling

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  3. Go fishing can give you 800 coins if you have all stamps

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