Mascots Guide !

Hey there Helpers , Im pretty sure many of you are interested and curious about How exactly to find Mascots and get those Special items !
Well, then this blog will help you with that.
Click the “Read More” and Start Reading !

Suggestions and Tips here in this blog, You would find Getting those Items really easier!

  1. Join the HF Discord ! Go to the Help Force Discord > Commands channel and do !mascot. This would ensure that you’ll get pinged whenever a Mascot is Online by our Super Trackers !
  2. Crowding the Mascot won’t help! This actually is difficult , but If you would crowd the mascot , You and your friends would not be able to click on his Profile. Say Bbye to those Items if you do so !
  3. Postcards are Rare , Make sure that you do not Keep spamming for it , the Mascot would then , Give it to you !
    Good Luck with Mascot Hunting ! P.S They come only during Parties !

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  1. Nice Post !

  2. Tysm for this guide! Your trackers are really fast!

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