Admiring the Timeline : HelpForceCPO

The New generation of Club Penguin Armies which rose after the Death of the Original Club Penguin gave rise to a Bunch of New Armies who hadn’t been in the Original CPA Before.
This was an Exciting task for the New leaders but at the same time many people did criticize the fact that the New Armies would not be able to continue the Glorious legacy of the Old Club Penguin Armies.

For this , We bring to you an Interview of a Set of Active Members of the Help Force consisting of a Blend of Opinions and Ideas about The Help Force !

The Help Force : Do you guys have any other Army Experience except from being in the Help Force?

Jason , Bestpenguin , Rock , Rorange : No , We weren’t a Part of the Original CPA Community.

The Help Force : Okay , so as this is your First Experience in Armies , Until now , What do you think “Armies” as a General word means in Club Penguin?

Jason : A group of penguins that gather and have fights against each other.

Rorange : Mostly groups of penguins who wear the same clothes and meet at events where they either do tactics, play game tournaments or sometimes have other events.

Bestpenguin : For me , Armies are like family because I met many good people in the Army while having Fun side by side in reference with Events , Battles , etc.

The Help Force : Do you feel any difference between the Usual Armies in Club Penguin and the Help Force?
If Yes , Please Specify.

Rorange : The Help Force is a group of friendly penguins. I like that we help each other a lot :smile:

Jason : There are differences of course. Help Force has all these fancy game tournaments and stamp segments while other armies do not have this kind of stuff and just do war practices. Help Force is more like a family of penguins if you ask for my perspective.

Bestpenguin : For me , Help force is like a family which has the most friendliest community. I had fun in Help Force , I liked making new friends and helping penguins. Help Force is best army in any of the CPPS’.

Rock : Well ,  I see Help Force as a very helpful community, I love how it makes segments and helps people.

The Help Force : Has the Help Force , in any ways , Made your Club Penguin life better? If Yes , How?
How do you think the Help Force is going to make the New Generation of Club Penguin better?

Bestpenguin : Yes , by introducing me to this Family Friendly community !
And yes , It is going to make the new generation of Club Penguin better as the Help Force has set up a Family Community where no one is allowed to break CPO Rules and every one is ready to help each other at any point of time.

Rorange : Yes, because I became more active and I met new friends and it also helped me with my stamp book collection in Club Penguin Online.
I think Help Force will make the new generation of Club Penguin better because as more members come, more people would start hoping for help with stamps and The Help Force would be able to help them with that.

Jason : Help Force inspired me to continue playing CPO. I was on the verge of leaving CPO when I stumbled upon Attacker and other members of HF during a stamp segment. I made new friends in the community too.
The ones that have the time to join, Help Force can affect them positively.

Rock : Well yeah I got a lot of stamps because of The Help Force. I also made new friends and it also encouraged me to stay more active in Club Penguin Online.

The Help Force : Thank you guys for your Precious time ! Is there anything you want to convey to the People who are new or are going to join the HelpForceCPO?

Bestpenguin : I want to say that Help force will be there forever. Even when people leave, we would have the strength to recover the activeness and the new people who would join would be our up coming Helpers.
I hope Help Force lives Forever!

Rorange : Respect the rules and I hope you would feel good in The Help Force.

Jason : Welcome! Please read #server-rules #about #point-system & #uniform. Thanks!
I hope you enjoy your stay here at HF : )



So , as you can see , People at HF really feel good staying in the Community. They want the Community to live For Ever and to always be the Same !

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Special Thanks to:
Bestpenguin ( Help Force Moderator )
Jason ( Help Force Member )
Rock ( Help Force Member )
Rorange ( Help Force Member )

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  1. It was nice interviewing questions!!

  2. I remember I had been trying to get the full band stamp for weeks and one day I was in town and I just had this feeling to go to the lighthouse, when I got there attacker and Danilo and the rest of hf where there, I got that and many other stamps that day so I logged on to discord quit rpf and emediatly joined help force. Best decision of my life… ever🙂

  3. That is apparently a Nice Decision bruh 😀

  4. Good to see how positive affects Help Force is having on people who join it.

  5. IT was nice interview
    thx Ayan for taking that interview

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