[EU] The Flash Showdown

Heyo Helpers! Today we logged onto White House on CP Armies for our ⚡️ Final Flash Showdown Event ⚡️ Led by Barney along with the former leaders Tistle, Ayan, Spotty and Elp, this event was unmatched and showed that the Help Force is indeed the BEST FORCE and is unrivaled. With an unbelievable max, breaking another record yet again, the event went smooth and everyone had a lot of fun doing tactics and various formations precisely.

Max: 121+


Event Attendees:

Vedant. skeletonlad. iulia. Hannah. Chlo3. Marsh. Eshal. PrinceRomeo2. Xtra. !Erxra. Josh. Kendall. Sbarro. Urkugs. TM1366. Vine. Monika. Cesca. Sahil. alex1904. Mexican Trash. APPLE6683. Zenshira. Fahri Redwood. Nafis. Traffic Light. Mayathefirst. NightFury. Nelly. lolita. Fxtima. D__Thatsme. Traitor. anushha. Jc. Lessa. Janzze. Spotty. ROOBOO. sheffpix. Kentucky. Riley. Sprince 17. Fruity. Nanabusia. Hiimda. Chara. Tistle. faz. iiAndressa. Maisie. Wynn. thetical. H.Kincso. Sommer. Ru. Snowflake:snowflake:Soft:snowflake:. imacrumb. Krebi. Simply Major. stixalli. Mandal. Chickn Strips. bluedude. dogerobloxoo. ImaJeep. Lame (Jero Romero). Bre. EBlorimer. Janez. HealthyHarold/gardengiraffe/Lisa. Muntaha. Mess. oshri2005. Mr.White. Hstergirl. ajn_101. Vortre. Alpha. Venkids.sweater. Slush. FooFee112. Abdo. Spartan300madness. brgndy. Aria/Shiro. Walver. Destiny999. Naty. Rainbowdj. Emily_Alice. BforBiblo. Moon. SwagerGamer. Komal. Julnime. gamerrichi. Polpo Giovanna. yx. head empty!. jesus.xo. Griffsu. 2D. Ayan. Lisa. Jeff Ha. Planet . Del the Dork. itsmeGIRB. Xxdenied. Shon. anushha. Diwix. Vixx. Daswagger. Coreytaylor. Sommer.

Thank you all for coming! :HFsalute:


4 Responses

  1. Such an amazing and memorable event!

  2. My name’s on there. Im famous now!

  3. That was the best event in 2020 ever!

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